FL State Attorney Andrew Warren Suspended By Ron DeSantis

Andrew Warren Suspended

FL State Attorney Andrew Warren was suspended by Gov. Ron DeSantis for ignoring Florida’s laws. Down south here in paradise we don’t put up with slackers who do not follow and enforce the law. If you don’t do your job you’re fired. It doesn’t get any simpler than that! This is another example of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s Florida First commitment to our state’s residents…

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Alex Stovall AZ GOP Candidate Two-Faced RINO Trashing Republican’s

alex stowell

Alex Stovall AZ GOP Candidate is revealed in this undercover video trashing his own Republican party. This my friend’s is the making of a classic political RINO (Republican In Name Only), someone who will side with the rest of the DemocRats. 🐀 Once again James O’Keefe and his professional staff at Project Veritas Action have proven to America how valuable their journalism truly is! AZ…

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