Joe Biden Attacks 2nd Amendment To Take Your High-Powered Handguns

high-powered handguns

Yep as I suspected PINO Joe Biden announced that high-powered handguns will blow a person’s lung out and should be outlawed. Jeez, isn’t that the weapon of choice of our law enforcement officers? This comes after some mentally ill individual shot up Robb Elementary School in Texas last week. Biden is playing politics taking advantage of the carnage to push his and Beto O’Roruke’s gun-control…

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GoFundMe For Irma Garcia Family Reaches 2.7M As Americans Chip In

GoFundMe For Irma Garcia

More than $2.7 Million has been raised by GoFundMe for the Irma Garcia family online for the slain Robb Elementary School teacher whose husband Joe then died of a broken heart. The GoFundMe was set up to raise money for the four children of the Garcia family, one of two teachers slain alongside their 19 young students. Ms. Garcia’s husband of 24 years, Joe, died…

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Beto O’Rourke Ejected From Uvalde School Shooting Press Conference

Beto O'Rourke

Beto O’Rourke made an ASS out of himself cursing out Texas governor Gregg Abbot at today’s Uvalde school shooting press conference. “Beto I’m coming for your guns O’Rourke” took advantage of millions of housewives that were watching their afternoon soap operas when Abbot’s press conference came on. The cursing and swearing O’Rourke was then ushered out of the arena! Beto you showed millions of American…

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Rashida Tlaieb T-shirts Saying Impeach The Motherf****r Are Immoral

Rashida Tlaib T-shirts

Not to be outdone by Beto O’Rourke who is selling take your AR-15’s t-shirts, Democratic Hater Rashida Tlaieb is selling Impeach The Motherf****r T-Shirts! You’ve asked for ‘em. And now we’ve got ’em,” wrote from her campaign in an email to her supporters. Tlaib escalated her war-of-words with the White House this week, by unveiling a new line of merchandise branded with her infamous “Impeach…

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Ban Democrats And Instigating Hate Media Instead Of Guns

ban democrats not guns

Guns Don’t Kill People – Bad People With Guns – Kill People. Democrats and their partners in HATE such as CNN and MSNBC (insert others here) are KILLING People. Yes that’s correct. The media is driving good people mad with the hatred they spread. It’s NOT President Trump and his Deplorables that are the Instigators OF HATE! Hold Democrats and their Hate Media Partners responsible…

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Primary Democratic Debate Another Detroit Dumpster Fire

democratic primary debate

Last nights Primary Democratic Debate was a dumpster fire. Bernie Sanders said every credible poll 😆 has him beating Donald Trump. Lesser-known candidates took shots at those stationed at the middle podiums. But none of the Democratic candidates can beat Donald J. Trump, who’s having another MAGA Rally in Cincinnati OH Thursday night 🙂 Normally I wouldn’t blog about this primary Democratic Debate, but since…

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