American National Archives Review Claims Document Wording Is Racist

national archives is racist

The U.S. National Archives recently underwent an internal review which found that racism is a problem that must be dealt with. When searching the national archives for the U.S. Constitution a warning appears that says. Harmful Language See NARA’s Statement on Potentially Harmful Language. This is a load of bull manure. It’s my opinion that America is under attack from within! It’s a different kind…

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Biden Address Loud Clapping Exceeded House Attendance

Biden 100 day address loud clapping exceeded attendance

Joe Biden’s joint address to congress was a disaster, in my humble personal opinion. And to me, the loud clapping broadcast seemed to exceed the poor attendance in the house chamber. Otherwise, I actually fell asleep toward the end of his “Brag and Spend Spend Spend” BS session! 😆 I’m serious about the loud clapping being allegedly fed by the media to mislead the audience.…

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