DHS Flying Migrants To Choice Cities

DHS migrant

DHS just got busted working with the Biden Administration in another migrant smuggling operation. But, NO this program started early this year. Not to be confused with the Biden Lolita Express flying migrants from the border to choice cities last year. This NEW program let 200,000 illegal immigrants fly directly…

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Migrant Girls/Women Trafficked To Pay Cartels For USA Passage

Migrant Girls/Women Trafficked

Migrant Girls/Women Trafficked To Pay Cartels. Human Trafficking is being emboldened Under the Biden Admin. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz takes us undercover at the border exposing how young girls are being sold into sex slavery to pay the Cartels who smuggled them across the border. Most have colored wristbands identifying…

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Trump Save America Rally, in Conroe Texas 01/29/22, Instant HD Replay!

Trump Save America Rally

Trump Save America MAGA Rally at Conroe, Texas was a big success, though the leftists and their talking heads try to discredit it, those that were there, or watched Donald’s rally on a live stream feed know the truth. Many cars waited to get into Montgomery County Fairgrounds hours before…

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DHS Immigrant Smuggling Operation Is Government Sponsored Invasion

DHS Immigrant Smuggling

DHS Immigrant Smuggling on ICE secret midnight flights from the border to small airports continues shuttling non-citizen Immigrants into your home town. This time Joe’s secret smuggling operation was bodycam filmed at Westchester NY as planeloads of non-citizen immigrants deplaned and were put on ICE charted busses and driven to…

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DHS Parole Migrant Non-Citizens, Use Phones & Ankle Monitor Tracking

DHS Parole

Starting in the fall of 2021, the Department of Homeland Security opted to conditionally allow migrants to leave through a process called parole, people familiar with the federal immigration operation told the Washington Examiner. Under DHS parole, migrants are being discharged from Border Patrol facilities, but their records have been…

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Biden Admin Midnight Lolita Express Still Smuggling Migrants To States

midnight lolita express

Joe Biden’s Admin continues smuggling migrants on what’s becoming known as the Midnight Lolita Express. Joe and his comrades know the midterms in 2022 and the 2024 election will give them all the bums rush out of power. It’s my opinion that they are banking on changing the laws so…

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Democrat Voters Crash Mexican Police Barricade Heading To America

Opinion: The Biden Admin’s HUGE Caravan of Democrat Voters Is Heading To America! Let’s face the truthful facts here, the only possible reason Joe Biden and his cohorts have opened our southern border wide open is to permanently stay in power! The Democratic National Committee (DNC) knows they need the…

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The Biden Admin’s Lolita Express Smuggling Migrant Children Into NYC

Lolita Express

The Biden Admin is reinventing Jeffery Epstein’s Lolita Express using aircraft to smuggle migrant children into our Homeland. That’s right, their moving planeloads of illegal migrant children all across America late a night, hoping to evade detection. The underage migrant children are secretly being flown by the thousands into New…

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