What’s Going On With The Protest Convoy Heading To Washington DC?

protest convoy

What’s going on with the protest convoy heading to Washington D.C.? There’s literally been next to no protest convoy coverage on the net popping up in the usual places. Maybe a mention or two on Fox News, but not a whole lot. So I decided to use DuckDuckGo search and…

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Fauci Hot Seat Says, Receiving Death Threats Targeting Himself/Family

fauci hot seat

Fauci Hot Seat, After yesterday’s Project Veritas Expose of the not-so-good Dr. Fauci, he cried foul at yesterday’s Senate hearing. He slipped and slid like a sidewinder snake skillfully dancing around Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Roger Marshall’s questions. When the hearing got heated between Marshall and Fauci, Fauci changed…

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JAX ATC and Southwest Airlines, Suffer Biden Vaccine Mandate Blues

JAX ATC Southwest Airlines

JAX ATC and Southwest Airlines Employees are reportedly walking out on their jobs protesting the Biden Admin’s Vaccine Mandate. Kind of difficult to fly when crews are not showing up for work. It’s reportedly mostly staff, ticketing agents, baggage handlers, flight attendants, that are twisting the grind to a halt…

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