A Botnet Attacked My Server BUT TGF Backups!

WordPress 6.4.2 Security Alert SSR Botnet

Doc got whacked by a Botnet that somehow broke through my security and CloudFlares as well. It’s a possibility they got in through a so-far unpatched version of WordPress 6.4.2. I was doing site maintenance and noticed all the site images were not loading. Logging Into my shared hosting account…

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Democrats Have No Viable Presidential Candidate

democrats loser candidates

Democrats don’t have Anyone worth voting for in 2020. Despite the DNC working overtime to push brain dead Joe Biden toward their nominee, it’s a joke. Biden’s stumbling and gaffing is being hidden by the media. Socialist Bernie Sanders appears to be getting the DNC Donkey again! 😆 Everything democratic…

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Google Search Chooses What You Find Online

Google Search Pro Trump YouTube Channel Hardly Any Views

Ever wonder why Google Search often does not reveal what your looking for? It’s because big brother chooses what you can find. And I’m finding with the midterms upcoming it’s especially true with Donald J. Trump Google queries 🙁 Since Mr. Trump announced his candidacy for president in 2015, I’ve…

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