Rigged Search, Gatekeepers Choose What We’re Allowed To See!

Voter Suppression

Rigged Search, Gatekeepers choose what we’re allowed to see. As a free thinker and independent blogger, website owner, and hobbyist webmaster, I’m finding out how the Democratic party manipulates big tech and the so-called lamestream media. When blogging the truth about what’s going on in America certain articles are refused indexing by major search engines manipulating the message! Search is the main way articles like…

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The Rigged Twitter Game: Here’s How To Check Your Score/Rating

The Rigged Twitter Game:

The Rigged Twitter Game: Here’s how to check your account and other account’s scores/ratings. I find it interesting that Joe Biden’s @POTUS score is a zero. The Twitter ratings go from 0 to 100% the higher the score the worse the rating is. I scored 50% but ole George Takei (Mr. Sulu on Star Trek) scored a 3% and is constantly attacking Donald Trump and…

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