Nuclear EMP Electric Grid Wipeout Is A Serious Threat To Our Nation

Nuclear EMP Scenerio Explained

Nuclear EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) could totally wipe out our nation’s electric grid. It’s as easy as detonating a nuke several miles overhead. The nuclear fallout NEMPs will cripple our power grid for as long as the weeks/months that it would take to restore power. Thousands of Americans would likely die from disease and starvation. Yet D.C. is concentrating on the build-back better plan that will…

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Biden Presidency Fail, Build Back Better, In Reality, IS Build Back Broke!

Biden Presidency Fail

Biden Presidency Fail as Joe’s Build Back Better is actually, in reality, Build Back Dead Broke! Ever since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris took office they have been lying to us. As America’s debt climbs to a staggering $30 TRILLION, Biden first said his bill costs $0.00. That’s a lie. Here’s the truth, Joe Biden and the Democrats have lost touch with reality. Taking America…

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