The Peoples Convoy 10,000 Strong Is Just Outside Of Washington D.C.

The Peoples Convoy GM/UAW

The Peoples Convoy said to be 10,000 strong is just outside Washington D.C. for tomorrow’s arrival. But you will not know how well this movement of mostly big rig truckers is organized because mainstream media and big tech are running with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Russian war on Ukraine gave MSM the perfect distraction to sideline the convoys. They’re coming tomorrow! 😎 Thousands…

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Freedom Convoy Truckers Head For D.C. As Biden Puts Barracades Up

Freedom Convoy Truckers

The freedom convoy truckers are pedal-to-the-metal heading for D.C. as cowardly Joe Biden orders the capital complex fences to be re-installed and has contracted tow trucks standing by ready to tow any vehicles that block traffic. From reports I’ve read, they plan on blocking the Capital Beltway . Gonna need a slew of BIG tow trucks. Wouldn’t going on a coordinated strike for 2-3 weeks…

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