China Buying Large Parcels Of US Farmland Near Military Bases

US Farmland

China is buying large parcels of US Farmland. Some parcels of land they have purchased are near US Military bases, one large track is adjacent to America’s Nuclear Arsenal. With the Biden Admin being soft on China releasing sanctions I’m wondering what’s up? Then there are our strategic energy reserves which are being sold off, some being bought by China. The lamestream media is mostly…

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America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve Exported By The Biden Admin

Strategic Petroleum Reserve

America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve is being exported to Europe and Asia by the Biden Admin. What’s drastically wrong with this picture? It’s being reported that over 5 million barrels of crude have been exported that were released to lower U.S. high fuel costs. Our emergency petroleum reserves for our military should America be attacked by a foreign power. The current administration is making America Last…

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Potus45 Donald J. Trump Joins Fox&Friends For This 02/12/22 Interview

Potus45 Donald J. Trump Interview

Potus45 Donald J. Trump joins Fox&Friends Saturday cast for this wide-ranging interview. They discuss the Russia/Ukraine situation, the Canadian Trucker Protest, Crooked Hillary, and Covid-19 related topics including Dr. Fauci. And much more in this 20-minute very interesting interview. Donald Trump Interview with Fox&Friends 02/12/22. Fox News reports: Former Potus45 Donald J. Trump said on Saturday said that Russian President Vladimir Putin had been “emboldened”…

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China Genocide Games Political Ad Refused By Comcast NBC Universal

China Genocide Games

China Genocide Games political ad was refused by the National Broadcasting Company (NBC Universal AKA ***) as many on the right side of politics refer to it, refused this ad created by Florida Republican congressman and retired Green Beret Michael Waltz that he created to air during the Olympics that would have highlighted U.S. companies who are financially supporting what he called the “genocide games”…

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Why Is The Media NOT Reporting On The Many Democrat Scandals?

democrat scandals

Democrat Scandals are ongoing in our homeland, yet a steady barrage of anti-conservative rhetoric is reported on a daily basis! Not one single democrat scandal is being reported on by the media. Not on immigration, inflation, rising costs of everything, failure to put together any plan on covid, nothing, nada, zip. It’s shameful as journalism hits an all-time low in our country. They’re actively selling…

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China’s Hypersonic Missile Can Park In Orbit, Warns Space Force Official

china hypersonic missile

Well Well, while Joe’s Woke Generals are scouring their military ranks looking for white supremacy and other stuff that’s not related to winning wars. China has been developing a hypersonic missile, referred to as a vehicle. It was test-fired last month shocking U.S. officials. However, a Space Force official is now saying this vehicle can hover, and stay in orbit for an extended period of…

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China FOBS, A Hard To Detect Orbiting Hypersonic Missile Threatens USA

china fobs hypersonic missile

China has tested its latest weapon, a low orbital vehicle that, fitted with a nuclear warhead, could strike the United States from the south, effectively evading many of the U.S. military’s early-warning radars. As its name implies, a FOBS launches like a traditional intercontinental ballistic missile then enters a brief stable orbit before de-orbiting after just a fraction of a trip around Earth. Update 10/18/21:…

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China Wins Tech War, Pentagon Software Cheif Resigns In Disgust!

china wins tech war

China wins the tech war, forcing Pentagon’s software chief, Nicolas Chaillan to resign in disgust. While Joe Biden’s America has been diverting its attention from important technology such as tech, and focuses on being politically correct, looking near and far for White Supremacy and Racism, the Chinese have been laser-focused on winning the digital war. Those of us that are in the loop of all…

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Did Gen. Mark Milley Commit TREASON or Bob Woodward Book Puffery?

Gen. Mark Milley

The big sixty-four thousand dollar question at this point is, did General Mark Milley commit treason by colluding with the Chinese? We’ve all seen this sort of backstabbing in the past with James Comey and the deep state undermining President Donald Trump. Bob Woodward recently trashed Donald Trump in his 2020 book called Rage . And another in 2018 titled Fear , criticizing Trump’s leadership.…

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Dirty Rat Dr. Anthony Fauci Lied To US

Anthony Fauci

The not-so-good Dr. Fauci is up to his nuts in the origin of Covid-19 and the media is calling for him to be fired and possibly face criminal charges. Dr. Anthony Fauci once argued that conducting experiments on contagious viruses to increase their potency was worth the risk, even if the work could accidentally lead to a worldwide pandemic , it was revealed. Fauci LIED…

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Health Emergency Scam Corrupt Leaders Played On Scared American’s

health emergency

Gotta love Tucker Carlson who has the guts to tell us just what’s going on without holding back. If you missed Tucker’s show last night (06/10/20) here is the segments must watch video! Fox News Reports : Tucker Carlson blasted Democratic leaders Wednesday night, accusing them of using the coronavirus pandemic and the unrest over George Floyd’s death to distract the American public from the negative…

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5G China: The War To Dominate Worldwide Communications

5G China War

5G China aggression is dominating the next generation cellular communications technology. Before leaving office, Barack Obama turned the Internet over to the United Nations (UN.) Not many people were concerned back then. But America invented the net, so giving it away was insane. Today war is being waged over who controls next generation cellular network (5G) and China is winning! ? Tucker Carlson on last…

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