NYC Christmas Tree Arsonist As Predicted Let Out Of Jail With No Bail!

christmas tree arsonist

NYC Christmas Tree Arsonist as predicted yesterday was let out of jail with no bail. What is it about these major DemocRat 🐀 American cities that have turned Lawless mostly since Joe Biden took office? It was said earlier on Fox & Friends that a judge could not find any reason to hold Craig Tamanaha in jail. ARSON is a Major CRIME, but apparently NOT…

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Fox News Christmas Tree Burns To The Ground, Homeless Man Arrested!

christmas tree burns

Wow, Fox & Friends announced this morning that their Christmas Tree was on fire and showed a clip of the Christmas Tree burning to the ground. Steve Doocey said they have to wait for daylight to get a better look at the damage. Considering Fox News reports on the Right side of all things political, was a leftist network behind the alleged arson? Or just…

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