Fauci Hot Seat Says, Receiving Death Threats Targeting Himself/Family

fauci hot seat

Fauci Hot Seat, After yesterday’s Project Veritas Expose of the not-so-good Dr. Fauci, he cried foul at yesterday’s Senate hearing. He slipped and slid like a sidewinder snake skillfully dancing around Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Roger Marshall’s questions. When the hearing got heated between Marshall and Fauci, Fauci changed the subject saying he and his family are receiving death threats. With his Lying, I…

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Does The U.S. Supreme Court Get Its FACTS From CNN and MSNBC?

Supreme Court Justices

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor said, we have over 100,000 children, which we’ve never had before, in serious condition, many on ventilators, from coronavirus. I’ve not heard this on Fox News which some of its personalities lean somewhat left. But if there were 100,000 children in serious condition, many on ventilators, I would have heard about it on Fox&Friends. So the question is, does…

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Jen Psaki The Biden Admin Press Spinner Dances Around Questions

jen psaki

Jen Psaki, the Biden Admins Press Secretary is one hell of a media spinner. I’ve never seen anyone like her that can so effectively dance around reporter’s questions. She is the regime’s answer to spinning the news into a favorable flavor, and then quickly withdrawing from the press room in a flash. According to Psaki, Joe doesn’t have time to think. It would be a…

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Ron DeSantis: Release Covid-19 FL Monoclonal Antibodies Stranglehold

FL Monoclonal Antibodies

Governor Ron DeSantis called on the Biden Administration to release the stranglehold on life-saving Fl monoclonal antibodies treatment for COVID-19 through its allocation system and increase the supply distributed to Florida or allow states governors to purchase the antibodies directly. Rationing life-saving monoclonal antibody treatments because of political narratives, or limiting supplies dictated by race or ethnicity is just unimaginable. Democrat lunacy in the first…

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America Must Wait 4 Years For $137M German COVID-19 Test Strips!

biden covid test strips wait

What is the Big Guy’s cut of this $137 Million German Covid-19 Test Strips deal? Sources are reporting that a factory must first be built before the test strips can be manufactured. And it will take FOUR YEARS Just to Build the place, not counting the time to produce the test strips and ship to America. Let’s face it, the Biden Family is known for…

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Plandemic Two Indoctornation Video Lets The Covid Cat Out Of The Bag!

plandemic indoctornation

Today’s blog post includes the Plandemic Two Indoctornation video that questions certain high-profile individuals who are involved in both the staged Event 201 Pandemic preparation exercise five months before the Covid-19 pandemic devastated the world. A second video by Millennial Millie questionins Bill Gates Foundation and ID2020 digital disease tracking system planning! 😉 When Dr. Judy Mikovits made the bold claim that COVID-19 was manipulated…

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Dr. Anthony Fauci “Angel Of Death” The Biden Admin’s Vaccine Pusher

dr. Anthony Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci can dish it out and spin Covid-19 like a top but throws a temper tantrum like a child after Fox Nation’s Lara Logan referred to him as the ‘Angel of Death’ Josef Mengele. It sure sounds fitting to me. After all, how many people have died worldwide since the not-so-good Dr. Anthony Fauci used U.S. funding to develop gain-of-function research in the…

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Are Democrats Using Covid Variants To Push For Midterm Mail-In Ballots

mail-in ballot

Mail-in ballots could be behind the latest covid variant Omicron and other possible new Covid-19 variants mysteriously appear as 2022 midterm voting date nears. I can just imagine the left pushing for mail-in ballots, saying it’s unsafe to vote in person. Meanwhile, as the media continues to beat the Omicron covid variant drums, the supreme court struck down another vaccine mandate! Jurist Legal News reports:…

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Are New Covid Variants Hyped By Mainstream Media, Propaganda?

covid researchers in asian lab

This morning the mainstream media is hyping the new covid variants Omicron. From what I’ve heard nobody has died from it yet. And those who have been infected with this so-called, new and improved variant have not gotten really sick. Yet our woke president in name only (PINO) is said to be airing a live message to America, presumingly interrupting regularly scheduled programs! 🙄 This…

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Covid-19 Omicron Variant Shifts Big Media Into Fearmongering Mode

covid-19 omicron

Covid-19 Omicron Variant is making its rounds with Dr. Anthony Fauci and Democrat’s big media partners running with another fearmongering campaign. Seems according to what I’m seeing on TV America is headed for another lockdown. It was said this morning that students in NYC are being forced to eat their lunch outdoors in the cold weather. Fearmongering in the first degree! 😡 Lester Holt interviews…

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