Cassidy Hutchinson J6 Smear Campaign Lies Debunked By Dan Bongino

Cassidy Hutchinson J6

Cassidy Hutchinson J6 Smear Campaign Lies Debunked. On today’s Dan Bongino Show, Dan destroyed Hutchinson’s hearsay testimony in which she claimed her life was threatened by the J6 Committee. She looked worn out and mentally beat down, and had testified four other times, this time Democrats forced her to testify on live TV or else. This committee is nothing but a Democrat-initiated smear campaign. Dan…

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Is Joe Biden’s New World Order Speech More Than A Conspiracy Theory

new world order

Is Joe Biden’s New World Order Speech “Flub” more than the conspiracy theory many leftists have labeled it? The America that many of us “old-timers” know (I’m 70) is slipping away before our very eyes. Troubling trends are developing such as CRT-themed books such as ‘it’s okay to kiss another boy’ made available to five-year-olds. Gender identities such as male-female and other. Men competing in…

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Peoples Convoy 2022 Abandoned By Mainstream Media DC Beltway Tour

peoples convoy 2022

Peoples Convoy 2022 has been mostly abandoned by mainstream, media that’s pounding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine into their viewer’s brains. Last night on Fox News show Dan Bongino Unfiltered, Dan really turned me off by not mentioning a peep about this history-making America first event. The convoy group is very well organized and professionally funded is making two loops of the D.C. Beltway today. There’s…

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YouTube Suspends Dan Bongino’s Channel Opens HUGE Can Of Worms!

Dan Bongino's YouTube Channel

YouTube suspends Dan Bongino’s Channel. It’s painfully obvious that the old saying which is, Nothing Hurts Worse Than The TRUTH is TRUE! It’s Just like millions of conservatives and Trump supporters that have had their Opinions shut down by Google’s censors. Personally, I believe Google opened up a big ole can of worms censoring Dan Bongino, who is also on YouTubes BIG Competitor Rumble! Forbes…

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Dan Bongino Says: Big Tech’s Monopoly Days Are Coming To An End

dan bongino rumble

Dan Bongino on Fox & Friends said: Big Tech’s monopoly days are coming to an end. Instead, the free and open Internet is being reborn, and Rumble leads the way. Rumble, the free speech video hosting platform, recently went public, if you haven’t already heard. When Google’s YouTube started censoring those on the right side of politics, defunding and suspending vlogger’s accounts, Rumble was born…

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Dan Bongino: Facebook Whistleblower Scandal Is A Conservative Trap!

Dan Bongino Episode 1620

From The Facebook scandal is a coordinated scam to censor conservatives and destroy free speech. In this episode, Dan addresses the scandal and provides hard evidence that this is a scam. Also, are we headed for World War 3? The evidence is disturbing. In this episode I address the Facebook whistleblower scandal and provide hard evidence that this is a scam. The Daily Wire…

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It’s Started And We Better Get A Grip Before Our Freedom Is Gone

freedom slipping away

Our freedom is being taken away right before our eyes. Dan Bongino said it best in this tweet. “200-plus years of liberty & freedom are being flushed down the toilet almost overnight. Civil disobedience is about to make a bold comeback if something doesn’t change, STAT”. 😥 Earlier today FidoSysop blogged an eye opening article about a Mississippi drive-in church raided by police. Officers proudly…

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Meet The Press Chuck Todd Goes Berserk Interviewing Sen. Ron Johnson

chuck todd ron johnson

Chuck Todd once again made an ASS out of himself Sunday trying to derail Sen. Ron Johnson, defending president Trump. Todd said, Can you please answer the question I asked you instead of trying to make Donald Trump feel better? Chuck Todd is an embarrassment to NBC! 😆 Remembering back to election night 2016, Chuck Todd proudly boasted to his audience. Donald Trump “Has NO…

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Democrats Lost Voters To Trump Now Trolling Far Left Extremists

democrats lost voters to trump

Last night it dawned on me that Democrats Lost Voters to Trump. Many union fed democratic voters have woken up and realized they were sold a bill-of-goods by Democrats. Those former Dem voters are now fleeing in droves, and are now supporting president Donald Trump! 🙂 Last night while watching Justice by Judge Jeanine Pirro, Dan Bongino commented about Democrats lost voters to Trump. He…

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