Police State Film MAGA Box Office Success Story!

Police State Film

The Police State Film is a Huge MAGA Box Office success Story. Police State Movie opened yesterday in theaters all across America! This is the must-see movie Every American must see! Police State exposes how the Biden Admin has weaponized our three-letter agencies (DHS DOJ FBI etc) terrorizing everyday hard-working…

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Tucker Carlson Spoke The Truth Which Crossed Dem’s, Red Line!

Tucker Carlson Truth

Tucker Carlson spoke the truth which crossed the democrat’s red line. This man is a hero that exposed the government’s corruption. He exposed the covid vaccine hustle that many Americans died of. Well, let me tell ya the old saying, you can’t keep the good guys down! Tucker put a…

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Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino Out At Fox News, Who’s Next?

Tucker Bongino Fox

Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino are out at Fox News. The Dominion lawsuit payout by Fox could be why. So don’t tune into Fox for Tucker or Dan Bongino because Tucker after meeting with Rupert Murdoch the two parted ways. The Dominion Settlement has been said to be $787.5 Million…

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Lock Em Up, Crime In Our Once-Great Cities Is Out Of Control!

lock em up

Lock Em Up, Crime in our once-great cities is out of control. People are Dying, Robbed, Raiped, Etc. Today Jim Jordan on the House Judiciary Committee hosts a hearing on crime in NYC. But Jerry Nadler is quick to point his finger at Republican states. In my opinion, Nadler always…

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Dan Bongino On The Covenant Massacre And More Relevant Info

Audrey Hale

Dan Bongino comments on the Tennessee Covenant School Massacre on 03/28/23. Nashville Police just released body cam video footage of two hero police officers that shot Audrey Hale to death after searching the Covenant school building. These two police officers are Heroes. They went in with guns drawn searching the…

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Mark Levin Interview With Joe Tacopina Donald Trump’s Attorney

Levin Joe Tacopina

Mark Levin Interview with Joe Tacopina, Donald Trump’s Attorney regarding Alvin Bragg the alleged Liberal George Soros-funded Manhatten NY District Attorney who is searching for a crime to indict former Potus-45 Donald Trump. This is yet another liberal witch hunt against Trump. Democrats are desperate to get Trump off the…

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Donald Trump In Palestine OH, Buttigieg Takes Personal Day Off!

Donald Trump In Palestine OH

Donald Trump In Palestine OH, as Joe Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, takes a personal day off! What a wuss he is as it’s apparent he is Intimidated by Donald Trump who handed out pallets of water, food, and other needed supplies to the East Palestine residents. This, my friends,…

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Shakedown At Project Veritas | James O’Keefe Sidelined By BOD

shakedown at project veritas

Shakedown At Project Veritas as BOD Sidelines founder James O’Keefe. Last night the Twitterverse was on fire as word spread that James O’Keefe was placed on paid administrative leave. This action appears to be a corporate hostile takeover right after O’Keefe’s biggest journalistic story ever busting Pfizer Pharmaceuticals allegedly mutilating…

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Cassidy Hutchinson J6 Smear Campaign Lies Debunked By Dan Bongino

Cassidy Hutchinson J6

Cassidy Hutchinson J6 Smear Campaign Lies Debunked. On today’s Dan Bongino Show, Dan destroyed Hutchinson’s hearsay testimony in which she claimed her life was threatened by the J6 Committee. She looked worn out and mentally beat down, and had testified four other times, this time Democrats forced her to testify…

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Is Joe Biden’s New World Order Speech More Than A Conspiracy Theory

new world order

Is Joe Biden’s New World Order Speech “Flub” more than the conspiracy theory many leftists have labeled it? The America that many of us “old-timers” know (I’m 70) is slipping away before our very eyes. Troubling trends are developing such as CRT-themed books such as ‘it’s okay to kiss another…

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Peoples Convoy 2022 Abandoned By Mainstream Media DC Beltway Tour

peoples convoy 2022

Peoples Convoy 2022 has been mostly abandoned by mainstream, media that’s pounding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine into their viewer’s brains. Last night on Fox News show Dan Bongino Unfiltered, Dan really turned me off by not mentioning a peep about this history-making America first event. The convoy group is very…

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It’s Started And We Better Get A Grip Before Our Freedom Is Gone

freedom slipping away

Our freedom is being taken away right before our eyes. Dan Bongino said it best in this tweet. “200-plus years of liberty & freedom are being flushed down the toilet almost overnight. Civil disobedience is about to make a bold comeback if something doesn’t change, STAT”. 😥 Earlier today FidoSysop…

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