Dan Bongino Show 1850: America Is Now An Official Police State

Official Police State

Dan Bongino Show 1850, America is now an official police state. Dan was on fire in today’s show about the recent actions by the FBI and DOJ. The number is subpoenas is unsure but the DOJ issued subpoenas to alleged dozens of Trump aides in an apparent escalation of the mar-a-lago investigation. It’s painfully evident that the Biden Admin will do whatever it takes to…

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Biden DOJ Spying On Journalists, Caught Hiding It From Federal Judge

Biden DOJ Spying

Biden DOJ Spying on Journalists and HIDING IT from Federal Judge Analisa Torres who ruled Veritas device seisure was unconstitutional. James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas proves its excellence in journalism again bagging the Biden admin’s department of justice, who ordered Veritas journalist’s devices seized earlier. Bombshell Microsoft Corporation legal documents released by Project Veritas reveal that President Biden’s Department of Justice filed a series of secret…

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Biden Admin Weaponized FBI Gets Even With Project Veritas Journalists

weaponized fbi director wrey

Yesterday the news broke that two journalists from James O’Keefs Project Veritas Action’s homes were raided by Joe Biden’s weaponized FBI. In a subscribed Veritas newsletter, O’Keefe explained what happened. Seems they investigated an alleged diary of Ashley Biden, Joe’s daughter. It was alleged the diary was left behind by Ashley Biden in a room. Veritas journalists investigated the contents of the diary but after…

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