Donald Trump Rejects Democrats Pork Infested Christmas Proposal

trump rejects christmas pork stimulus bill

President Trump has rejected the newest COVID stimulus bill passed by Congress, calling it a “disgrace” and demanded that they amend the bill with less pork and higher payments to the American people. The bill sent to the President was a 5,593 page behemoth stuffed with pork. It included payments to illegal immigrants along with massive payouts to foreign governments! The legislation authorizes $600 stimulus…

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Nasty Pelosi Spending Our Money On $3T Pork Infested Stimulus Bill

nasty nancy pelosi stimulus

House Democrats called the legislation the HEROES Act. The text of the sprawling plan was circulated Tuesday . House Speaker Nasty Nancy Pelosi is scheduled to announce the plan at 3 p.m. And we can bet it’s packed full of Democratic PORK that has nothing to do with Covid-19! 😡 Fox News Reports : The plan calls for a new $200 billion Heroes’ Fund to ensure essential…

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Too Many Democratic Haters In The House Of Representatives

house democrats

It’s past due time to clean out the Democratic House Of Representatives. They are playing games with loyal American workers and small businesses. Making them beg beg and beg for President Trump’s economic stimulus package. It’s just more bullshit from Pelosi, Schumer, and Cohorts. DailyCaller Reports : Nancy Pelosi poked at CNBC’s viewership after host Jim Cramer asked her to speak to the ‘150 million…

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