Dan Bongino: Facebook Whistleblower Scandal Is A Conservative Trap!

Dan Bongino Episode 1620

From Bongino.com: The Facebook scandal is a coordinated scam to censor conservatives and destroy free speech. In this episode, Dan addresses the scandal and provides hard evidence that this is a scam. Also, are we headed for World War 3? The evidence is disturbing. In this episode I address the Facebook whistleblower scandal and provide hard evidence that this is a scam. The Daily Wire…

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Facebook Outage or Zuck Scrubbing Servers Clean of Whistleblower Data

facebook outage crash or whistleblower servers wiped

Was yesterday’s global seven-hour Facebook outage really an outage? Or after whistleblower Frances Haugen revealed 500 pages of corporate dirty laundry, was Mark Zuckerberg and his company officials scrubbing their servers clean of damaging evidence? Sure sounds convenient that one day before Frances Haugen is scheduled to testify before congress, Facebook crashes! If it were not for TV reports of the Facebook outage from hell…

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