Cartoonist Ben Garrison Weighs In On His Facebook Suspension

Cartoonist Ben Garrison

Cartoonist Ben Garrison weighs in on his Facebook suspension. Most of us who follow the MAGA movement know who Ben Garrison is, or has seen his political cartoons floating around in cyberspace. Ben has a fantastic talent for putting his political thoughts into his cartoons and is loved by those of us Conservatives. The below was in his newsletter yesterday and It’s republished with additional…

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Letter From Congress To GAB CEO Torba re: FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid

Letter From Congress

Letter from Congress to GAB CEO Andrew Torba re: the FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid. Many Americans are rightfully pissed off at the FBI for rummaging through former POTUS45 Donald Trump’s residence at mar-a-lago, and wildly rummaging through Melania Trump’s underwear drawer. Some folks have posted threats online which is not cool. Regardless, Congress decided to target Andrew Torba the CEO of Gab social media. Below is…

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Political Smear Campaign Against Doug Mastriano and Gab Social

Political Smear Campaign

There’s a political smear campaign ongoing by big tech and lamestream media, against Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano and Gab social media website founded by Andrew Torba. Well-known internet brands are going all out slandering Gab and Mastriono’s measly $5,000 ad purchase from Gab’s social media. You see, this is a good example of the Democratic Party (DNC) anything-goes strategy that is going all out…

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Andrew Torba Responds To Rachel Maddow Attacks About GAB

Andrew Torba

Andrew Torba GAB Founder: Last night Rachel Maddow dedicated most of her show to attacking Christian Nationalism, Gab, Doug Mastriano, and my character personally. I’d like to start by saying that I’m praying for Ms. Maddow. She’s obviously a very confused and sad woman, but Jesus loves her nonetheless. I watched a replay of her show and reacted to many of the baseless lies in…

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Breaking Down the Media’s Attack on Doug Mastriano and GAB

Doug Mastriano

Andrew Torba dove into the mainstream media’s lies about Doug Mastriano and broke down why it is so important for us to support authentic Christian candidates like Doug who have a backbone and won’t bend the knee when the media calls them names. This week the mainstream media machine and democratic operatives came after Gab and PA Gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano. I received dozens of…

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Elon Musk Made A Wise Decision Dumping Spam-Bot-Infested Twitter

Elin Musk Twitter

Elon Musk made a wise decision dumping bot-infested Twitter. I’m thinking the number of spam-bot accounts is huge. Back during the 2016 presidential campaign and during his presidency Donald Trump would post a tweet and almost instantaneously he would be attacked. Back then we used to call the blue-checked accounts Jack Dorsey’s bot army. This social media website is a Democrat-controlled cesspool of trolls, not…

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God Created Adam To Be A Warrior ~ Not Today’s Men Without Chests


Men Without Chests by Pastor Andrew Isker: It has now been more than a week since a godless psychopath murdered 19 children and two adults at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. The ruling regime has continued a full-court press to disarm the American people in the aftermath of the shooting. But as details of the attack continue to be released, it has become clear…

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The Cold Hard Truth About Truth Social And A Much Better Alternative

Trump Says No Twitter

The Cold Hard TRUTH about Truth Social, Donald Trump’s NEW social media website, which does not even have www access! Devin Nunes crowed about how popular truth social was, claiming it gets more engagement than Twitter. He said to download the app from the app store but not until nearly the end of the interview did he admit the Truth app was only available on…

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Barack Obama At Stanford Pulls An Adolph Hitler Disinformation Moment

Barack Obama Stanford

Barack Obama crawled out from under his rock on Friday speaking at Stanford University about Disinformation and social media. But like so many other progressives, Joe Biden and Obama seek to restore the near-monopoly liberals once had on the information space. While Facebook AKA WokeBook and Twitter are Democrat-friendly and openly censor Conservatives, Republicans, and especially Trump supporters, Other censor-proof social media and information sources…

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American Free Speech Online Is Alarmingingly Difficult But Is Achievable

Doc's Political Opinion

American FREE Speech Online is Alarmingingly Difficult but is fully achievable with the right resources. It’s totally true that big tech owns the Internet because of the way they have monopolized it. Today’s web surfers use APPs to connect with web services. And that’s where they have us by the shorthairs. Say something they don’t approve of enough and they pull their APPs severing the…

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I’ve Put Up With Facebook Political Bias Censorship For Far Too Long

Facebook Jen Psaki admits censorship

Facebook Political Bias Censorship finally broke me in two. A few days ago I had listed a mobile home for sale in Marketplace. The ad had run for four days and received many views and questions. But yesterday I was alerted that my listing violated their Discrimination Policy. After reading the listing description carefully I saw nothing that discriminated against anyone. Maybe because the community…

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Gab Social Media Apps Are Now Available

gab social mobile app

After three years of work and after being banned multiple times by both App Stores, Gab finally has dozens of mobile apps for our users to choose from. Recently we moved to an open source and decentralized version of Gab that makes your Gab account compatible with a variety of different apps. You can search both app stores for “Mastodon” “ActivityPub” and “Fediverse.” The majority…

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