Police State Film MAGA Box Office Success Story!

Police State Film

The Police State Film is a Huge MAGA Box Office success Story. Police State Movie opened yesterday in theaters all across America! This is the must-see movie Every American must see! Police State exposes how the Biden Admin has weaponized our three-letter agencies (DHS DOJ FBI etc) terrorizing everyday hard-working…

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Trump Save America Rally Minden NV 10/08/22 Instant Replay

Trump Rally Minden NV

Trump Save America Rally Minden NV 10/08/22 instant video replay. Our fearless leader took the stage around 7:10 PDT and after greeting the crowd Donald Trump took aim at the Biden-weaponised FBI/DOJ who raided Christian pro-lifer Mark Houck’s home with guns drawn terrorizing his family. He spoke about the current…

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Trump Save America MAGA INC Rally 09/23/22 Wilmington NC

Save America MAGA INC Rally

Here is the full instant replay of Donald Trump’s Save America MAGA INC Rally from Wilmington NC for your enjoyment. Our fearless leader urged the Charlotte NC Rally Attendees to get out and vote RED in this year’s midterm elections. It’s critically important to vote and take a few of…

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Inflation Reduction Act IRS Hires Will Terrorize Small Businesses

Inflation Reduction Act IRS

Hidden in the Inflation Reduction Act IRS hires will generate $124 billion by tax enforcement! Yep, that’s how Joe Biden and his former Foreign Agent admin heads will add 10,000 NEW IRS Agents to crawl up every American small business owner’s butt! With Democrats spending money like drunken soldiers on…

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Recession: Liberal Media Embarassingly Redefining Its Definition


Once again the lamestream media is wetting all over themselves over the recession our American homeland is in. It’s really insane to see some of the things they are doing to cover the Biden Admin’s ass, so to speak. As usual, I watch the day’s Dan Bongino show and he…

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Breaking Down the Media’s Attack on Doug Mastriano and GAB

Doug Mastriano

Andrew Torba dove into the mainstream media’s lies about Doug Mastriano and broke down why it is so important for us to support authentic Christian candidates like Doug who have a backbone and won’t bend the knee when the media calls them names. This week the mainstream media machine and…

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Donald Trump’s Speech At The Faith and Freedom Coalition Nashville TN

Trump Speech Nashville

Appearing today in Nashville TN, former President Donald Trump was a headline speaker at this year’s Faith and Freedom Coalition event. Trump has spoken at the event on previous occasions and continues to hold sizable support from the evangelical community. One of the big topics at this year’s conference is…

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Supreme Court Gets Even With Biden Admin Activists With Gun Ruling

Supreme Court Gets Even

The supreme court gets even with the Biden Admin sticking to them by standing strong on gun owner’s second amendment rights. Ever since that alleged Roe vs Wade “leak” came out on the day the 2000 Mules movie premiered in theaters, Joe’s activists have been intimidating the judges by intimidating…

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GOP Representative Liz Cheney And Other Traitorous RINOs Have To GO

Dick Cheney

GOP Representative Liz Cheney and other traitorous RINOs have to go! The Democrat’s Jan 6 crap show pissed off lots of Americans last night when it took the place of shows they normally watched on lamestream media. Maybe a few sheep that love being spoon-fed what the DNC wanted them…

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Biden Pandemic Treaty With W.H.O. Gives Our Constitutional Rights Away

pandemic treaty

This morning at church our pastor talked about the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) that Joe Biden is entering a “Pandemic Treaty” with, which gives the distrusted organization total control over our constitutional rights and freedom. He went on to say, Donald Trump ended America’s relationship with the WHO, and Joe…

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Democrat Treason IS Exposed By Tucker Carlson And True The Vote Data

Democrat Treason Is Exposed

Democrat Treason Is exposed running a mail-in ballot-stuffing operation funded by Mark Zuckerberg stealing the 2020 Presidential Election from Potus45 Donald Trump. The movie 2000 Mules reviews from those who watched the premiere in theaters are being posted online. The data truethevote.org presented in 2000 Mules was laid out perfectly…

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Sweet Florida Theme Song Thanks Ron DeSantis For Keeping FL Free!

Sweet Florida Theme Song

Sweet Florida Theme Song ~ Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is being rewarded for his leadership through an exclusive song dedication by music legends the Van Zant brothers. “Sweet Florida” highlights Ron DeSantis’ efforts to keep Florida free, written by Johnny Van Zant, lead vocalist of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and his brother Donnie Van…

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Trump Save America Rally Greenwood NE 05/01/22 Instant HD Replay

Save America Rally Greenwooda

Potus45 Donald Trump held his latest Save America Rally at the I-80 Speedway in Greenwood NE last night. The rally was originally scheduled for Friday, April 29, but was delayed due to severe weather. Supporters started lining up at 10 a.m. Friday, some of them opting to camp out at…

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