GTranslate Multilingual MAGA Blog Heavily Crawled By Googlebot

GTranslate Multilingual MAGA Blog

Gtranslate Multilingual MAGA Blog heavily crawled by the Googlebot. I know why they are sending many thousands of requests daily, and It’s not to improve my position in their index. I went multilingual several months ago figuring the additional languages would help my search index position. This blog has well over 1000 posts and more than double that number in tags. With well over 100…

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WordPress High-Performance Speed Tips From The Good Internet Doctor

wordpress high-performance

WordPress HIGH-Performance is a must these days whether you’re an independent blogger like me or running a Political or Corporate website. WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that powers around sixty percent of the web worldwide. It’s well supported and has an array of plugins that make optimizing it a cinch for site owners and webmasters like me who have tweaked its performance…

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