Gutter Politics All Time LOW Smearing Brett Kavanaugh

Michael Avenatti Democratic Gutter Attorney

Democrats have no shame smearing Brett Kavanaugh using unfounded sexual assault allegations. This is a NEW LOW for the democratic party who has no morals. Democrats have no scruples. The Democratic party will do anything to win. They could care less what they are doing to Brett Kavanughs Wife and Children. And it’s all part of a master plan to keep this fine Republican Judge…

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Will Strip Clubs Employing Stormy Daniels Be Audited

IRS To Audit Stormy Daniels Strip Clubs

Yesterday it was revealed Stormy Daniels attorney defaulted on a huge IRS payment. According to this-article Michael Avenatti’s law-firm withheld $1.3 MILLION in payroll taxes from employees then failed to pay the IRS. Ouch! So the question remains, who is funding his legal battle with President Donald Trump? Stormy Daniels surly cant afford to fund a lawsuit of this size. Maybe Avenatti took Daniels case…

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Is Barack Obama Still Commander and Chief?

Rod Rosenstein Deputy AG

Just woke up from my afternoon nap. Had a nightmare that Barack Obama was still commander and chief. Luckily it was just a dream. BUT Obama’s holdovers and never Trumper’s are running the FBI and DOJ! It’s time for President Donald Trump to GROW A PAIR and Clean House! WTF is going on in our Federal Government? Rod Rosenstein needs to be shown the door.…

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Shakedown Of Donald J Trump By CBS 60 Minutes

Stormy Daniels CBS Interview

CBS 60 Minutes trashed their reputation by helping Stormy Daniels shakedown President Donald Trump with Anderson Cooper’s help. Tabloid Trash on CBS News! Stormy Daniels, real name¬†Stephanie Gregory Clifford is a Porn Movie Star looking for notoriety. Sort of like David Hogg targeting the NRA with CNN’s help. Sounds like a tabloid fodder style shake down for a big score. Wonder if she paid Income…

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