China Buying Large Parcels Of US Farmland Near Military Bases

US Farmland

China is buying large parcels of US Farmland. Some parcels of land they have purchased are near US Military bases, one large track is adjacent to America’s Nuclear Arsenal. With the Biden Admin being soft on China releasing sanctions I’m wondering what’s up? Then there are our strategic energy reserves which are being sold off, some being bought by China. The lamestream media is mostly…

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China’s Hypersonic Missile Can Park In Orbit, Warns Space Force Official

china hypersonic missile

Well Well, while Joe’s Woke Generals are scouring their military ranks looking for white supremacy and other stuff that’s not related to winning wars. China has been developing a hypersonic missile, referred to as a vehicle. It was test-fired last month shocking U.S. officials. However, a Space Force official is now saying this vehicle can hover, and stay in orbit for an extended period of…

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China FOBS, A Hard To Detect Orbiting Hypersonic Missile Threatens USA

china fobs hypersonic missile

China has tested its latest weapon, a low orbital vehicle that, fitted with a nuclear warhead, could strike the United States from the south, effectively evading many of the U.S. military’s early-warning radars. As its name implies, a FOBS launches like a traditional intercontinental ballistic missile then enters a brief stable orbit before de-orbiting after just a fraction of a trip around Earth. Update 10/18/21:…

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