Trump Derangement Syndrome Ends Liz Cheney’s Political Career!

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) ends Liz Cheney’s Political Career! Yepper, another RINO bites the dust as Wyomians threw this traitor out. US MAGA folks have been saying Liz was history for months, and last night was the Wyomia primary where Trump Endorsed candidate Harriet Hageman whooped the TDS-infested Liz Cheney by a landslide. One RINO Traitor Down as the HUGE Red Wave Approaches! ❤ Meanwhile,…

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Trump’s Army Descended On Mar-A-Lago After FBI & DOJ Raid

Trump’s Army Descended

Trump’s Army Descended on mar-a-lago after news broke about Chris Wrey’s FBI raid yesterday. News about the FBI and DOJ’s raid on Donald Trump’s mar-a-logo residence around 7:00 PM on social media. Twitter was lit up with the news that feds broke into Trump’s safe and found nothing. They left a few hours later carrying out several boxes that were not opened inside. Rumor is…

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Dick Cheney Ad Desperately Airs For RINO Daughter Liz Cheney

Dick Cheney Ad

Dick Cheney ad desperate to help his failed daughter Liz Cheney’s reelection campaign just ended her political future. It’s pretty obvious where the hate in the Cheney family comes from. The old failed ex-vice president let it be known how much he and his daughter Elisabeth hate Donald Trump. Daughter Elizabeth (Liz) is Nasty Pelosi’s head of the January 6th witch hunt which is determined…

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Hannity & Guests Destroy J6 Smear Campaign Political Theater 06/29/22

Destroy J6 Smear Campaign

Sean Hannity and guests exposed Nancy Pelosi’s J6 smear campaign for just what it is, political theater. Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony is hearsay and has been discredited as such. Also, iron-clad proof Donald Trump did request the national guard that was refused by Nancy Pelosi! Democrats are desperately trying to stop Trump from running in 2024. That’s what the J6 hearings are all about. There is…

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Cassidy Hutchinson J6 Smear Campaign Lies Debunked By Dan Bongino

Cassidy Hutchinson J6

Cassidy Hutchinson J6 Smear Campaign Lies Debunked. On today’s Dan Bongino Show, Dan destroyed Hutchinson’s hearsay testimony in which she claimed her life was threatened by the J6 Committee. She looked worn out and mentally beat down, and had testified four other times, this time Democrats forced her to testify on live TV or else. This committee is nothing but a Democrat-initiated smear campaign. Dan…

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Mark Levin 06/28/22 Hannity: Preserve ALL J6 Smear Campaign Evidence

mark levin 06/28/22

Mark Levin was on fire last night on Hannity Show 06/28/22 commenting on the Democrat’s J6 Smear Campaign. They are so desperate and resort to lies and false testimony while interrupting women’s daytime soap operas trying to prove their case which is full of lies and false testimony. Leven says to preserve all the evidence including personal text documents and emails. This will backfire on…

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