Crack-Smoking Pipes Found In Biden’s Taxpayer-Funded Smoking Kits

Crack-Smoking Pipes

Crack-Smoking Pipes have been found in Joe Biden’s Taxpayer-Funded Smoking Kits! Back in early February, the net was buzzing about a safe smoking kit that the Biden Admin was making available free of charge to drug addicts, but funded by American Taxpayers. Today the net is buzzing about crack pipes that ARE INCLUDED in these so-called safe smoking kits. Friends we’re witnessing government-initiated crises including…

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Jen Psaki The Biden Admin Press Spinner Dances Around Questions

jen psaki

Jen Psaki, the Biden Admins Press Secretary is one hell of a media spinner. I’ve never seen anyone like her that can so effectively dance around reporter’s questions. She is the regime’s answer to spinning the news into a favorable flavor, and then quickly withdrawing from the press room in a flash. According to Psaki, Joe doesn’t have time to think. It would be a…

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Nothing Hurts Worse Than The Facebook Truth!

Facebook Truth

Yep that old saying, Nothing Hurts WORSE than the TRUTH is really true, especially when it comes to Facebook. Yesterday I blogged This Article about the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine approval by the FDA. In a friend’s post about the topic, I said, my thoughts and WordPress short link to the aforementioned post. Well, would you know the Furor bitch slapped me silly. In my blog…

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Taliban Handed Kabul Afghanistan by Joe Biden and His Socialist Crew

joe biden

As Joe Biden is hiding out somewhere, the Taliban was handed the keys to Kabul Afghanistan. It’s said there was no resistance. Also, MIA is Jen Psaki who took a sudden week off because she’s too cowardly to take a few hard questions from the Democrat’s chosen media partners. This is a worldwide embarrassment showing just how weak America is under Democrat leadership! Taliban reaches…

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