Is Crisis After Crisis In America Manufactured By The Biden Admin?

Crisis In America

Is Crisis after Crisis in America Manufactured by the Biden Admin? We’ve got record-high gasoline prices that are crippling motorists. Record-high diesel fuel cost that’s sticking it to the truckers which are added onto whatever we buy. Back on 03/24/22 at a press conference Joe Biden said America was going to face a food shortage, adding “that it’s going to get real” and here we…

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Trump Won The Election 2000 Mules Movie Proves Democrats Cheated

trump won the election

Trump WON The Election and 2000 Mules Movie proves Joe Biden is an illegitimate president! Many of us have watched the 2000 Mules movie either in the theater or via the live stream that was released Saturday night. The evidence presented was accurate and very clear that Donald Trump WON the election. Democrats aided by big tech and mainstream media stole the 2020 Presidental Election…

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