Label those who were involved Domestic Terrorists!

Trump blames ‘Biden’s border invasion’ for Laken Riley murder, vows ‘largest deportation operation’ if voted for President 2024! 🇺🇸 Gotta love ❤️ it Donald Trump beat her in her own state, Yeah, McDonald’s should work out well for her. I’ll have two big macks and a supersized order of…

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This race is over: Ted Cruz Endorsed Donald Trump for President

cruz endorses trump

Ted Cruz argued that the former president 45 is the only viable candidate after his ‘dominating’ victory in Iowa! 🇺🇸 The Texas Republican U.S. senator threw his support behind the former president during a Fox News appearance on Tuesday. The Texas Tribune Reports: Ted Cruz endorsed Donald Trump for president,…

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Can America Take Four More Years Of Democrat Leadership?

Florida IS Trump Company

From what Ive witnessed since Joe Biden including his (allegedly) corrupt Generals stole the 2020 election I’ve witnessed my homeland go to hell! There is alleged money laundering being rinsed in Ukraine and who knows else. And the Covid scam that made Anthony Fauci Millions as people died worldwide. I…

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Police State Film MAGA Box Office Success Story!

Police State Film

The Police State Film is a Huge MAGA Box Office success Story. Police State Movie opened yesterday in theaters all across America! This is the must-see movie Every American must see! Police State exposes how the Biden Admin has weaponized our three-letter agencies (DHS DOJ FBI etc) terrorizing everyday hard-working…

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Alejandro Mayorkas Lies Again, Migrants Will Be Voters In 2024!

Alejandro Mayorkas lying

Alejandro Mayorkas Lies Again. Once again he lied his butt off saying the border was closed. These migrants will be Democrat voters in 2024. Y’all didn’t think the federal government is giving them cellphones, new clothes and shoes, and flying to many states at midnight for nothing? You can bet…

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Lock Em Up, Crime In Our Once-Great Cities Is Out Of Control!

lock em up

Lock Em Up, Crime in our once-great cities is out of control. People are Dying, Robbed, Raiped, Etc. Today Jim Jordan on the House Judiciary Committee hosts a hearing on crime in NYC. But Jerry Nadler is quick to point his finger at Republican states. In my opinion, Nadler always…

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What’s Going On With Twitter? Is The Government Still Running It?

Protect Yourself

What’s going on with Twitter? Is the Democratic-controlled government still running it? I’ll start out by saying my FidoSysop account’s profile was locked after I started updating my profile. After updating my description and checking how it looked. Then I attempted to shorten my account name to just FidoSysop and…

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Donald Trump’s Full Interview With Tucker Carlson At Mar-A-Lago

Trump Tucker Interview

Donald Trump’s full interview with Tucker Carlson at West Palm Beach’s beautiful Mar-a-Lago resort on 04/11/23. This video Trump interview is a must-watch for a wide range of subjects y’all don’t want to miss. Donald and Tucker talked about the most bumbled pull-out of Afghanistan leaving Millions of dollars of…

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Trump Save America Rally Instant Replay Video Waco TX 03/25/23

Trump Rally Waco

The Trump Train came rolling into Waco Texas last Saturday night, disguised as Trump’s beautiful Boeing 757 jet plane, which pulled up behind the crowd that was loudly cheering his arrival. When the rally began Trump tore into Woke Fat-Albert Bragg and the Democrat’s attempts to remove the best president…

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Tucker Carlson Responds To Chuck Schumer’s DNC Media Lies!

Tucker Carlson Schumer

Last Night’s (03/07/23) Tucker Carlson Show was fantastic. Tucker really stuck it to Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Let’s face it, Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and the rest of their goons are caught in the Big J6 Lie like Rats in a trap. They lied once again trying to…

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Dan Bongino: Joe Biden Is A Foreign Agent Peddling Influence!

Influence Peddling

Dan Bongino claimed on today’s show #1935 that Joe Biden is a foreign agent peddling American secrets. His presidency is in a downward spiral. His administration is a complete disaster. But amidst this chaos at the White House, which is seeing the departure of Biden’s loyal Chief of Staff Ron…

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