David Hogg MFOL Activist Rejected By 4 Colleges

March For Our Lives Rally DC David Hogg

David Hogg’s stance toward gun control is taking it’s toll on his future education. So far he has been rejected by four University of California campuses – UCLA, UCSD, UCSB and UC Irvine. Possibly viewed as a trouble maker by deans 😥 Hogg says fellow student activist Ryan Deitsch also got rejected from the University of California system. Emma Gonzalez will be going to New…

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Trump: Teachers With Guns Deter Coward Shooters

Donald Trump Speech At CPAC 2018

Once again Donald J Trump our POTUS45 shines as bright as the north star. Yesterday during his fantastic speech at CPAC 2018 he said: Guns in schools would deter ‘cowards’ from attacking. Yes once again Trump is right – No Gun Zones are a magnet to wackos like Nikolas Cruz! Trump reaffirmed support for arming school personnel. He said his administration is open to hearing…

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