Mark Levin Democrats Wrecking Our Homeland Must Watch Video

Mark Levin Democrats

Mark Levin last night had a very revealing opening statement about how Joe Biden and his team of democrats are using Marxism to destroy our homeland. Don’t let them run with Adolph Hitler’s ‘blame it on our enemy’s playbook rule’ they are running with. It’s a FACT they are blaming Republicans for the mess they created. Save America by turning the Midterms RED! Get out…

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Trump Won The Election 2000 Mules Movie Proves Democrats Cheated

trump won the election

Trump WON The Election and 2000 Mules Movie proves Joe Biden is an illegitimate president! Many of us have watched the 2000 Mules movie either in the theater or via the live stream that was released Saturday night. The evidence presented was accurate and very clear that Donald Trump WON the election. Democrats aided by big tech and mainstream media stole the 2020 Presidental Election…

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Mark Levin & Pete Hegseth on Trump Campaign/Presidency Spying Facts

Trump Campaign/Presidency Spying

Mark Levin & Pete Hegseth along with John Ratcliffe discuss the latest John Durham investigation findings on the Donald Trump Campaign/Presidency illegal spying. Friends, these are the facts laid out that prove without a doubt the Clinton Campaign engaged in espionage against Donald Trump by hacking into servers when he was a candidate and after he became our 45th president by hacking into the white…

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Nuclear EMP Electric Grid Wipeout Is A Serious Threat To Our Nation

Nuclear EMP Scenerio Explained

Nuclear EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) could totally wipe out our nation’s electric grid. It’s as easy as detonating a nuke several miles overhead. The nuclear fallout NEMPs will cripple our power grid for as long as the weeks/months that it would take to restore power. Thousands of Americans would likely die from disease and starvation. Yet D.C. is concentrating on the build-back better plan that will…

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Trump On Levin Show: Biden Could Take America To The No Return Point

trump levin interview

Former President Donald Trump joined Mark Levin and warned that President Biden and the Democratic Party’s heavy-handed pivot toward a far-left-wing and globalist governance could reach a point where future elected officials cannot course-correct and the republic as it was originally founded will be lost. However, Potus45 said he predicts a big-big Republican win in 2022! ❤ Life Liberty & Levin Show, Mark Levin Full…

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Donald Trump Full Interview With Mark Levin, About Biden’s Many Crises

Trump Levin Interview

Donald Trump sat down with constitutionalist Mark Levin to announce his new book “Our Journey Together” and discuss the peril our homeland is in presently. Trump BLASTED the Biden Administration for their humiliating and botched withdrawal from Afghanistan earlier this year. Trump said earlier in the interview that I was all set up to withdraw with dignity and tremendous strength. Nobody was going to be…

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