Why Is Facebook Defending The Alleged Biden Crime Family

Facebook Defending Biden Family

Why is Facebook defending the alleged Biden crime family? Case in point, last night the Daily Mail published an article about CBS News finally admitting that Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell was real. I shared the daily mail article on my FidoSysop Facebook page and Twitter. Almost immediately I received a warning from Facebook that the shared article goes against their community standards and only…

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Trump Insists On Kicking Joe Biden Out Of His Stolen Presidency

kicking joe biden out

Trump insists on kicking Joe Biden out of his stolen presidency. Either put the legitimately elected president in power or hold a new election immediately. America has gone through 22 months of insane destruction with Joe Biden and his corrupt socialists wrecking our homeland. The last straw is the FBI colluding with big tech to cheat Donald Trump out of his second term. Kick Joe’s…

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Trump Was Right The Election Was Stolen By The FBI & Big Tech

Trump Was Right

Trump was right the election was stolen by the FBI and Big Tech. I must admit that ole Joe Rogan has a great talent for being able to coax his podcast guests to spill their guts. And yesterday reeling in Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was Rogans finest moment yet. Zuckerberg spilled his guts on how Facebook censored Miranda Devine’s NYP article about Hunter Biden’s laptop…

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Media On 2000 Mules Mostly Silent As 2020 Election Fraud Facts Reveal

Media on 2000 Mules

Media on 2000 Mules is mostly silent as 2020 presidential election fraud facts are revealed. Most of those who reported on the net about 2000 Mules and True The Vote smartphone GEO tracking are doing their best to discredit the painstaking work. The fact is the ping tracking used Is accurate. The data did not reveal the individuals involved by name but the CIA DOJ…

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Supreme Court Leak Distraction From 2000 Mules Election Fraud Movie

supreme court leak distraction

Supreme Court Leak distraction from the 2000 Mules Election FRAUD Movie by Dinesh D’Souza and True The Vote which premiered in theaters nationwide on 05/02/22. Yea, they’re pulling a big rabbit out of the hat to distract the public from talking about what they saw. 2000 Mules outlines how Mark Zuckerberg funded mules to stuff drop off ballot boxes in swing states. The mules were…

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FidoSysop Deindexed By Bing Search For Being A Biden Regime Enemy

Deindexed by Bing Search

Ole FidoSysop was Deindexed by Bing Search for being an enemy of the current regime. Not only is FidoSysop deindexed in Bing search but also in the DuckDuckGo index. It’s in a sense laughable that a 70-year-old former used car dealer (trust me) and ASE certified mechanic turned internet hobbyist got under big tech’s skin so easily. Or as the old saying goes, nothing hurts…

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Mark Zuckerberg’s $7M Metaverse Superbowl Commercial Flatlined!

Metaverse Superbowl Commercial

Zuck’s Metaverse Superbowl commercial appears to have flatlined. At 70 that sort of thing does not interest me in the slightest, though today’s younger generation probably thinks VR, in general, is cool. I would think for the reportedly $7M SuperBowl ad cost, Mark could have told his metaverse story using people instead of animated cartoon characters. Real previous band members reconnecting at distance using the…

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Facebook Shadowban Technology Patent Chases Off Loyal Members

Facebook Shadowban Technology

Facebook Shadowban Technology is yet another reason Mark Zuckerberg’s members are fleeing his once number one social media network in droves. And he even filed for and received a patent from the U.S. government patent office in 2015. Most Facebook members have experienced how shadowbanned tech works. You share something from say, Donald Trump yet none of your conservative friends like the link you shared.…

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Facebook Punished By Market As User Logins And Revenue Drops!

Facebook Punished

Facebook Punished for poor attendance as members flee to other social media sites. Mark Zuckerberg has destroyed the best social media platform driving members away with its nazi totalitarian policies. He did it to himself and is now being punished. Facebook’s devastating usage report marked the end of a difficult year for the company, which has been battered by whistleblower allegations, a major global service…

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Dr. Oz Is Censored By Facebook, But What About All Zuck’s Scam Ads?

dr.oz is censored

Dr. Oz Is Censored by leftist Facebook political push limiting his account and refused to accept his P.A. Senate run campaign’s ads. Let’s face it, big tech and the mainstream media are in bed with the Democratic National Committee. It’s not fair to pick and choose who Zuck does business with, but America is powerless to say otherwise. And the Republican Party has no BALLS!…

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Gotta Love America ~ The Country Where Money Can Buy Everything!

gotta love America

Gotta Love America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, where the old saying is often true. If you’ve got the benjamins you can buy everything. Mansions, fine Yachts, even your very own private island in the Caribbean. And let’s not forget all the beautiful women and fine champaign, that just fits right in. You can buy politicians and even purchase…

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Facebook Outage or Zuck Scrubbing Servers Clean of Whistleblower Data

facebook outage crash or whistleblower servers wiped

Was yesterday’s global seven-hour Facebook outage really an outage? Or after whistleblower Frances Haugen revealed 500 pages of corporate dirty laundry, was Mark Zuckerberg and his company officials scrubbing their servers clean of damaging evidence? Sure sounds convenient that one day before Frances Haugen is scheduled to testify before congress, Facebook crashes! If it were not for TV reports of the Facebook outage from hell…

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