Meet The Press Host NBC Chuck Todd Throws Joe Biden Under The Bus!

NBC Chuck Todd

On yesterday’s meet the press show, host NBC Chuck Todd literally tossed President Joe Biden under the bus, backed up, and ran him over again! You know Joe’s Admin is in the crapper when his praisers start knocking his failures. Joe’s presidential failure is really being noticed by his biggest supporters who hid his cognitive decline and other negativity from the public during the 2020…

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NBC News Chuck Todd Flip-Flops On Democrats Bashes Biden Admin!

chuck todd biden

Ole Chuck Todd from NBC News is beginning to cave on his once-favorite politician, Joe Biden and his Administration. Our country is in absolute chaos, and it’s ALL Joe Biden’s fault. Let me tell y’all when the big boys start flip-flopping on ole China Joe, we know it’s a sign from heaven that the end is near. Between Joe’s shipping crisis and his Covid-19 jab…

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Chuck Todd & Joe Biden Perfect For Each Other

chuck todd joe biden

Chuck Todd the idiot at NBC and Deranged Joe Biden are perfect for each other! Despite the CoronaVirus crisis where Americans are dying the hate media is peddling FEAR and Despair to their viewers. President Trump should have the Hate Media’s FCC Licenses Suspended! 😡 In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, former Vice President Joe Biden talks to Chuck Todd about the coronavirus…

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