NYC Mayor Adams Tent City Opens With Amenities Fit For A King!

Mayor Adams Tent City

NYC Mayor Adams Tent City opens with amenities fit for a king. Wow instead of fighting crime which should be Mayor Adam’s first priority, but nope, Joe’s soon-to-be Democrat Voters take first priority in NYC. The migrants get three meals daily, laundry facilities, an entertainment room equipped with computers and x-boxes, and a phone room where the migrants can call home on the mayor’s dime!…

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Democrat Voters Crash Mexican Police Barricade Heading To America

Opinion: The Biden Admin’s HUGE Caravan of Democrat Voters Is Heading To America! Let’s face the truthful facts here, the only possible reason Joe Biden and his cohorts have opened our southern border wide open is to permanently stay in power! The Democratic National Committee (DNC) knows they need the immigrant’s votes to stay in power. So the HELL with our Immigration Policies, come on…

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