MSNBC Rachel Maddow (MadCow) Sickening Attack On FL Gov. DeSantis

political smear campaign

MSNBC Rachel Maddow was running her mouth about alleged Nazis in Orlando FL and condemning our Governor Ron DeSantis. She really is a basket case churning out insults for her paycheck from MSDNC, as Hannity calls it. Let’s face it, the left hates Florida because it’s a great state to live in. Its LOW Taxes can’t be beaten. And best of all residents of crime-riddled…

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Darrell Brooks Waukesha WI Arrest Caught On Ring Doorbell Camera

darrel brooks dorbell video

Darrell Brooks Waukesha WI Arrest caught on on a Ring Doorbell Camera. The story goes after Brooks backed his smashed-up Burgundy 2010 Ford Escape into the driveway where it was recovered. He ran through that yard to an adjacent street looking for a place to hide. Brooks eventually wound up ringing a gentleman’s doorbell. He told the homeowner he was waiting on a Uber. The…

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Kyle Rittenhouse Tucker Carlson Full Must Watch Interview 11/22/21

kyle rittenhouse tucker carlson interview

Kyle Rittenhouse joined Tucker Carlson on tonight’s show and told him about his ordeal. It’s obvious his arrest was intended as a leftist Gun Control narrative. Self Defence was on trial and used Kyle Rittenhouse as the scapegoat in the Democrat’s gun control narrative. This young man conducted himself perfectly during Tucker’s Interview. Police treated him poorly. His jail cell had no running water, and…

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Opinion: MSNBC Racist Anchor Joy Reid Stoking Violence And Hatred

Joy Reid MSNBC Stoking Racism

It seems to me every time there are race-related tensions in America, Joy Reid, and others on the left are right there fanning the flames. I have to wonder if Darrell Brooks murderous rampage during last night’s Waukesha Wisconsin Christmas Parade was motivated by racist hatred. Any rational person does not listen to agitators like Joy Reid, but others love the hatred she spews. Weak-minded…

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Darrell Brooks SUV Driver In Waukesha WI Christmas Parade Attack

Darrell Brooks

It is being reported the Maroon Ford Escape SUV driver in last night’s Waukesha Wisconsin Christmas Parade has been identified as Darrell Edward Brooks Jr, 39 years old, from Milwaukee Wisconsin. Brooks was seen driving the SUV into the crowd. Twenty individuals were hit by the vehicle, some of them children. There are fatalities, five confirmed dead as of this post. Darrell Brooks was released…

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CNN Don Lemon Chews Democrats Out, Says You’re Weak Weak Weak!

cnn don lemon

Wow, CNN’s Don Lemon literally chewed Joe Biden and his woke Democrats ASSes out last night, as Chris Cuomo sat there with a stupid-looking expression on his face. Maybe the leftists are turning on ole Joe and his administration. It doesn’t take a CNN or MSNBC MBA for anyone with a slight bit of common sense to see America is in big trouble under Democrat…

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Ban Democrats And Instigating Hate Media Instead Of Guns

ban democrats not guns

Guns Don’t Kill People – Bad People With Guns – Kill People. Democrats and their partners in HATE such as CNN and MSNBC (insert others here) are KILLING People. Yes that’s correct. The media is driving good people mad with the hatred they spread. It’s NOT President Trump and his Deplorables that are the Instigators OF HATE! Hold Democrats and their Hate Media Partners responsible…

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Man Set Ablaze In DC Dies From Injuries

hold haters accountable

It’s sad to hear Arnav Gupta has died after setting himself ablaze in Washington DC. Maybe we should be going after the Hate Trump Media that’s peddling all the FAKE NEWS Brainwashing their followers. It’s my opinion that hate media be held accountable for their actions. Gupta appears to be yet another victim of Hate Trump Media Brainwashing! Gupta was filmed yesterday setting himself on…

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