Zero Mainstream Media Coverage On TX Soldier Missing In River Rescue

zero mainstream media coverage

Mostly ZERO Mainstream Media Coverage on news that a Texas National Guard Soldier who dove into the Rio Grande to save a drowning migrant attempting an illegal southern border crossing. That brave man is feared dead because he went under and never surfaced. Turns out the migrant he attempted to save was trafficking in fentanyl it was later revealed. It’s been three days and his…

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Meet The Press Host NBC Chuck Todd Throws Joe Biden Under The Bus!

NBC Chuck Todd

On yesterday’s meet the press show, host NBC Chuck Todd literally tossed President Joe Biden under the bus, backed up, and ran him over again! You know Joe’s Admin is in the crapper when his praisers start knocking his failures. Joe’s presidential failure is really being noticed by his biggest supporters who hid his cognitive decline and other negativity from the public during the 2020…

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Joe Biden Called NBC Al Roker During Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

al roker

Joe Biden called NBC Today Show Al Roker when he was on the route during yesterday’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade . Tell me this was not a staged publicity stunt. I find it interesting that Joe just happened to have Al’s cell phone number. When Al answered the phone he said, look who is calling, it’s President Joe Biden. And then the camera zoomed in…

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Vote Republican Across The Board In November 2018

Making American Great Again by Vote Republican

Are you happy with the job Donald J Trump is doing as our president? Sick of Democrat losers like Nancy ‘crumbs’ Pelosi and Chuck ‘tears’ Schumer ? Democrats are out of touch with working class America! They’re nothing but a clog in the drain! Vote Republican across the board in November 2018! 😉 There’s so much leftist bullshit going on that needs to stop. Getting…

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NBC News Alert: Chuck Todd Spewing Same Old Bullshit

Chuck Todd NBC Sore Loser

Chuck Todd is at it again. Talking more of his same old bullshit trashing our fearless leader Donald Trump. Chuck Todd is another sore loser plain and simple. Chuck Todd: “Tonight I’m obsessed with reminding people that politics is the art of the possible, not the art of the ideal.” #MTPDaily — Meet the Press (@MeetThePress) March 31, 2017 President Donald Trump went after…

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Why NBC News Today Show Ratings Are Down

Today Show Ratings Down

NBC News Today Show is suffering from Down Ratings. Here’s Doc’s opinion why ratings are down, and a suggestion or two to fix it. First thing in the show Matt Lauer and Savanna Guthrie leap all over Donald J Trump. Hell bent on digging up anything they can use to trash him.  But they conveniently leave out anything negative about Hillary Clinton and her Clinton…

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