Sweet Florida Theme Song Thanks Ron DeSantis For Keeping FL Free!

Sweet Florida Theme Song

Sweet Florida Theme Song ~ Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is being rewarded for his leadership through an exclusive song dedication by music legends the Van Zant brothers. “Sweet Florida” highlights Ron DeSantis’ efforts to keep Florida free, written by Johnny Van Zant, lead vocalist of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and his brother Donnie Van Zant of 38 Special. We got to thank Governor DeSantis for standing and believing for…

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Ingraham Angle Town Hall 04/28/22 With Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Ingraham Angle Town Hall DeSantis

Full HD Video instant replay of last night’s Ingraham Angle Town Hall 04/28/22 as Laura Ingraham interviews Florida Governor Ron Desantis Live from Orlando Florida. All the Good Stuff is on Fox News. So, if you’re watching liberal-controlled mainstream media you’re missing out on the truth about what’s going on in America since the Biden Admin took over and is destroying our homeland! 😡 Ingraham…

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Disney Reedy Creek Exemption Under Investigation By Gov. Ron DeSantis

disney reedy creek exemption

Disney Reedy Creek Exemption which allows the magic kingdom to self-govern itself could be revoked by the sunshine states governor Ron DeSantis who is calling for a special session to investigate the exemption granted in 1967. There’s a feud between the Disney Company and Florida that would make the Hatfields and McCoys jealous! 😎 Disney is insisting on the Indoctrination of kids and calls Florida’s…

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Disney Supporting Child Indoctrination, DeSantis To Repeal Its Exemption

Disney Supporting Child Indoctrination

Disney Supporting Child Indoctrination and defying Floridas Parental Rights in Education bill, which prohibits teachers from discussing LGBTQ topics like sexual orientation or gender identity with students unless they’re in the fourth grade or higher. It’s my opinion that Disney should lose its Ready Creek Improvement District state exemption that was created in 1967. Let’s face it, Disney is no longer the once family-friendly place…

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