Loudoun County School Board Covers Up Child Rape, Father Arrested!

school board coverup

School Board in Loudoun County VA covers up child rape by a transgender male student allowed to use the girl’s bathroom. School officials refused to call the police, insisting the matter be handled internally. The assaulted girl’s father Scott Smith took her to a hospital where a rape kit was performed proving she had been raped. Smith went to the Loudoun County VA school board…

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Taliban Celebrates 9/11 Victory As America Mourns 20 Years Later

Taliban celebrate 9/11

A new Taliban video that aired on Afghanistan national television blamed America for the events of 9/11, claiming the attacks were the result of aggression against the Muslim world. The nearly 40-minute film, which was broadcast on Afghanistan’s national RTA television station, is intended to commemorate the Taliban’s victory over the U.S.-backed government and Western forces. The Taliban describes America as the true ‘terrorist’ party…

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Reading Writing and Wokeism Disrupting Education In The Classroom

reading writing and wokeism

Reading Writing and Wokesim is doing serious damage on America’s students in the Biden Administration’s ‘Government Schools’. Naturally, the left is calling this phenomenon Reading Writing and Racism which it’s clearly not. Parents are up in arms over Critical Race Theory (CRT) being forced into their children’s minds. But the teachers union behind today’s leftist woke movement is making it so far impossible to prevent.…

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