Political Smear Campaign Against Doug Mastriano and Gab Social

Political Smear Campaign

There’s a political smear campaign ongoing by big tech and lamestream media, against Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano and Gab social media website founded by Andrew Torba. Well-known internet brands are going all out slandering Gab and Mastriono’s measly $5,000 ad purchase from Gab’s social media. You see, this is a good example of the Democratic Party (DNC) anything-goes strategy that is going all out…

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Potus45 Donald Trump Full Interview Replay With Sean Hannity 04/13/22

hannity trump interview

Fox News host Sean Hannity sat down for an at-length and wide-ranging interview Wednesday 04/13/22 with Potus45 former President Donald Trump who said that if he could do one thing differently as president it would be to not focus on the media and fake news so much, but instead on getting things done. Personally saying, we need to take back America before it’s gone forever!…

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Like Donald Trump, The Apprentice Says: Terry McAuliffe, Your FIRED!

glenn youngkin wins virginia

As America’s fearless leader, Donald Trump used to say in his TV show The Apprentice, Terry McAuliffe, YOUR FIRED! What a Maroon, doubling down on crt, and dragging Joe Biden’s shadow presidency spokespeople up on stage to pimp for his campaign, that certainly helped Glenn Youngkin to echo Donald Trump’s words, YOUR FIRED! Youngkin ran his campaign on supporting Virginia’s children get a quality education,…

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