Hannity Interviews Donald Trump At Mar-A-Lago 03/27/23

Hannity Trump Interview

Hannity Interviewed Potus-45 Donald Trump at the Mar-A-Lago resort last night. They discussed the DNC witch hunt that two states and the federal government are doing to prevent Trump from being a candidate in the 2024 presidential election. Friends, we are losing our homeland because of the Democratic policies that…

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Rudy Giuliani Ridiculed By Main Stream Media During Presser

Rudy Giuliani attacked by msn

Last night Rudy Giuliani was personally attacked for sweating and his hair dye dripping during a Trump legal team announcement about election fraud. Did someone crank the heat up purposely to make the Trump legal team uncomfortable? I have to take this as the MSM couldn’t find anything to discredit…

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Corrupt Joe Biden: Mainstream Media Is LYING To America

corrupt joe biden

The Swamp and their MSM Haters are LYING About Corrupt Joe Biden. NBC News Lester Holt said “There is NO Evidence that Joe Biden Did ANYTHING Wrong.” Yet Biden BRAGGED about getting Ukraine prosecutor Viktor Shokin FIRED on Nationwide TV. 😆 It’s shocking that well known News Anchor and Journalist…

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