Donald Trump & Ted Cruz Join Hannity For These Must Watch Interviews

Ted Cruz Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz talked with Sean Hannity about the state of our country. Cruz rode along ‘shotgun’ with the Peoples Convoy into D.C. getting out at capital hill explaining why the truckers are protesting mandates and other issues. Donald Trump was right about everything that’s going on in our country today from gas prices to record high inflation. The Russian invasion of Ukraine…

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All About Ukraine. Its Importance, History, And Why Russia Is Invading It

All About Ukraine

All About Ukraine. Its importance, history, and why Russia is invading it. This documentary is just that, a documentary film about the country Ukraine. I just watched this video and learned so much more about Ukraine than I had a clue about before watching it. Why are big tech players Google/YouTube and Vimeo denying this public access to this exceptional documentary that’s been out since…

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Who Is Vladimir Putin? The Must Watch Documentary By Fox Nation

who is vladimir putin

Who is Vladimir Putin? Most of us know who he is, others have heard his name but otherwise don’t know how he came to power. This Fox Nation documentary digs down deep into Vlad’s life from his early childhood to today. Putin starts out studying how Rats attack when they are cornered. Being turned down when trying to join the KGB. His chummy relationship with…

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Joe Biden Lies, But Donald Trump’s CPAC SOTU Address Was Spot On!

joe biden lies

Joe Biden lies his butt off during last night’s 2022 SOTU Address. In reality, Donald Trump’s 2020 America First SOTU put Joe’s spinning, and shallow promises to shame. Trump better told the current state of the union address at CPAC 2022. I yawned as Joe took credit for the Jobs’s report. He didn’t create those NEW Jobs, they were rehired after the pandemic shut the…

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Peppermint Patty Psaki Says The USA Should Not Depend On Own Oil

Peppermint Patty Psaki

Peppermint Patty Psaki says America should not depend on its own oil production, and instead use renewable energy to be less dependent on Russian oil. It’s that green new deal thinking or bust in the White House as Joe Biden relaxes in his seaside weekend retreat. So, as gas and everything else goes up, America imports Russian oil paying big bucks when we have plenty…

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Ukrainians Fighting Russia, Bravely Defending Their Freedom/Homeland

Ukrainians Fighting Russia

Ukrainians Fighting Russia defending their freedom, are excellent examples of how they love their country. They want to be free and want no part of dictator Vladimir Putin or Russia. Reminds me of an old American saying “Live FREE or Die” something Americans are losing more and more of each day! Vladimir Putin has his hands full taking on Ukraine. One man said last night,…

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