You’ve Seen The J6 Smear Campaign On MSM, Here’s Another Opinion

J6 Smear Campaign

The J6 Smear Campaign is a one-sided attack on our democracy! Democrats are panicking with the midterms approaching, what you’ve seen or heard is nothing more than Democrat Theatre intended to convince registered Democrats to stay with the DNC and not go to the GOP. They know their policies have destroyed America. That’s why the southern border is wide open, Democrats need voters to stay…

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FL Gov. Ron DeSantis In NYC Live On Fox & Friends Interview 06/13/22

Ron DeSantis In NYC

FL Gov. Ron DeSantis In NYC Live On Fox & Friends. As Democrats are pissing off housewives by sidelining their network TV shows spamming the Jan 6th smear campaign hoping to prevent Democrat voters from joining the Red Wave, FL Governor Ron DeSantis (Florida’s best governor in my lifetime) was live on Fox & Friends this morning in New York City for this outstanding interview!…

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Getting Even At Any Cost Revenge Smear Campaign

Revenge For Whistleblowing Corporate Fraud

Doc became the target of this revenge smear campaign after starting a motor vehicle specific consumer fraud awareness website. He was the 1st Tampa Bay Florida used car dealer to offer automobiles for sale on eBay back in 1999. Things were great back in 1999, but soon afterword scams and fraud started chipping away at the founders cornerstone of trust. European fraudsters soon were listing…

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