Biden Admin To Fund “Clean Crack Pipes” And Other Drug Paraphernalia!

clean crack pipes

The Biden Admin in yet another idiotic brain fart has decided along with the DHHS to fund “Clean Crack Pipes” and other drug paraphernalia to addicts. This new program will provide $30 million to nonprofits and local governments for multiple purposes, including education and counseling for drug addicts. This is as absurd as CA giving “clean needles” to heroin addicts. What are they smoking? 😆…

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Snopes Obama Cover-up As CIA Clapper & Brennan Lawyer Up

snopes obama cover-up

Snopes Obama cover-up those left leaning liberal fact checkers are busy today trying to discredit a video where James Clapper pointed his index finger at Barack Obama as the Russia Hoax Mastermind. No matter how Snopes tries to spin this cover-up of Obama’s rear end, we all heard what James Clapper said to CNN host Jim Sciutto in his interview. Actually Hillary Clinton was the…

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