Tucker Carlson X Full Interview Vladimir Putin From Moscow RU

Tucker Carlson X

Update 02/08/24: Tucker Carlson X’s full interview with Vladimir Putin in Moscow, Russia, Video credit, Tucker/X/Rumble. This mission that Tucker and his crew paid for the trip to Russia themselves, and no government or corporate entity contributed to the funding. We’re in Moscow to Interview Vladimir Putin . Video credit,…

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Vladimir Putin ICC Arrest Warrant Issued For Alleged War Crimes

ICC Putin Warrant

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin for alleged war crimes. The ICC wrote that Putin is allegedly responsible for the war crime of unlawful deportation of the population (children) and of illegal transfer of people (children) from occupied areas of Ukraine to the…

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Biden Stocks Up On Anti-Radiation Drugs, What’s He Expecting?

Anti-Radiation Drugs

Biden is stocking up on anti-radiation drugs to the tune of $290M. What is he expecting as Vladimir Putin is threatening nuclear tactical strikes? The drug called Nplate is used to counteract the effects of poisoning by nuclear exposure poisoning. What does the Whitehouse know that we the people do…

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All About Ukraine. Its Importance, History, And Why Russia Is Invading It

All About Ukraine

All About Ukraine. Its importance, history, and why Russia is invading it. This documentary is just that, a documentary film about the country Ukraine. I just watched this video and learned so much more about Ukraine than I had a clue about before watching it. Why are big tech players…

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Who Is Vladimir Putin? The Must Watch Documentary By Fox Nation

who is vladimir putin

Who is Vladimir Putin? Most of us know who he is, others have heard his name but otherwise don’t know how he came to power. This Fox Nation documentary digs down deep into Vlad’s life from his early childhood to today. Putin starts out studying how Rats attack when they…

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Russia President Vladimir Putin Helping America With COVID-19 Aid

russia putin medical supplies america

It’s nice to see Russia helping America fight the worlds invisible enemy covid-19. Vladimir Putin is sending one of his HUGE Antonov An-225 cargo planes packed full of medical supplies. Russiagaters see red over Putin’s planeload of corona-aid for Trump! The Russian Embassy Tuesday posted on its social media channels…

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President Trump Walks Across DMZ Into North Korea

election interference

In this Fearless Historic Moment President Donald J. Trump walked across the demilitarized zone (DMZ) Into North Korea, where he shook hands with smiling Kim Jong-Un! 🙂 How great is that? Just another reason America loves OUR PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump. He also invited Kim Jong-Un to visit the White…

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