Tony Bobulinski Int By Tucker Carlson FBI Hid Laptop Information

Tony Bobulinski

Tony Bobulinski interview with Tucker Carlson reveals irrefutable evidence that the FBI hid Hunter’s laptop from hell offshore business details with the big guy. He expressed outrage at the FBI’s handling of damning information he provided them about the first son’s business dealings involving his uncle, James Biden, Chinese and other foreign interests, and reportedly the current president of the United States himself. The FBI…

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Pino Joe Biden Kissing Bootie For Saudi Arabia Oil, 10% Kickback?

pino joe biden

Pino Joe Biden kissing bootie for Saudi Arabia oil. Is the Biden crime family getting its 10% kickback from the Saudis too? Considering mostly the Democratic Party is famous for getting greased on deals like this one. Besides why else would Pino Joe be on his hands and knees begging Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to increase his oil production when America has plenty of…

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Crack-Smoking Pipes Found In Biden’s Taxpayer-Funded Smoking Kits

Crack-Smoking Pipes

Crack-Smoking Pipes have been found in Joe Biden’s Taxpayer-Funded Smoking Kits! Back in early February, the net was buzzing about a safe smoking kit that the Biden Admin was making available free of charge to drug addicts, but funded by American Taxpayers. Today the net is buzzing about crack pipes that ARE INCLUDED in these so-called safe smoking kits. Friends we’re witnessing government-initiated crises including…

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Wheres Hunter? Attorney Clint Lancaster, I Expect Him To Be IRS Indicted

wheres hunter?

Wheres Hunter? The attorney for his 3-year old daughter’s mother recently testified before a grand jury who is investigating President Joe Biden’s son for income tax fraud. Attorney Clint Lancaster made the stunning prediction while confirming in an interview with CNBC that his client Lunden Roberts recently testified in Delaware before a federal grand jury in the criminal investigation into the 52-year-old presidential scion. “I…

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Peppermint Patty Psaki Says The USA Should Not Depend On Own Oil

Peppermint Patty Psaki

Peppermint Patty Psaki says America should not depend on its own oil production, and instead use renewable energy to be less dependent on Russian oil. It’s that green new deal thinking or bust in the White House as Joe Biden relaxes in his seaside weekend retreat. So, as gas and everything else goes up, America imports Russian oil paying big bucks when we have plenty…

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Military Documents Contradict Fauci Gain Of Function Senate Testimony

Military Documents Contradict Fauci

Military Documents Contradict Fauci as once again James O’Keefe of Project Veritas Action proves his organizations excellence in journalism to America. In yet another investigation of Anthony Fauci and Gain Of Function Research he proves the not-so-good Doctor LIED to Congress while under oath. In my humble opinion, Fauci is the person that developed Covid-19 when the gain of function research was deemed too dangerous…

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NBC News Chuck Todd Flip-Flops On Democrats Bashes Biden Admin!

chuck todd biden

Ole Chuck Todd from NBC News is beginning to cave on his once-favorite politician, Joe Biden and his Administration. Our country is in absolute chaos, and it’s ALL Joe Biden’s fault. Let me tell y’all when the big boys start flip-flopping on ole China Joe, we know it’s a sign from heaven that the end is near. Between Joe’s shipping crisis and his Covid-19 jab…

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