America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve Exported By The Biden Admin

Strategic Petroleum Reserve

America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve is being exported to Europe and Asia by the Biden Admin. What’s drastically wrong with this picture? It’s being reported that over 5 million barrels of crude have been exported that were released to lower U.S. high fuel costs. Our emergency petroleum reserves for our military should America be attacked by a foreign power. The current administration is making America Last…

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All About Ukraine. Its Importance, History, And Why Russia Is Invading It

All About Ukraine

All About Ukraine. Its importance, history, and why Russia is invading it. This documentary is just that, a documentary film about the country Ukraine. I just watched this video and learned so much more about Ukraine than I had a clue about before watching it. Why are big tech players Google/YouTube and Vimeo denying this public access to this exceptional documentary that’s been out since…

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Ukrainians Fighting Russia, Bravely Defending Their Freedom/Homeland

Ukrainians Fighting Russia

Ukrainians Fighting Russia defending their freedom, are excellent examples of how they love their country. They want to be free and want no part of dictator Vladimir Putin or Russia. Reminds me of an old American saying “Live FREE or Die” something Americans are losing more and more of each day! Vladimir Putin has his hands full taking on Ukraine. One man said last night,…

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Has WW3 Started With Russia Invading Ukraine? Is America Ready?

Has WW3 Started

Has WW3 Started with Vladimir Putin Invading Ukraine? He has threatened America with consequences if we help Ukraine or get involved with his plans to claim Ukraine as his own. My thoughts are, Is our allegedly compromised WOKE military up to the challenge to defend America? With WEAK Koe Biden as the commander in chief, it does not instill confidence. Joe’s been making Vladimir rich…

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Experience What A Hillary Clinton Tim Kayne Presidency Will Be Like

Hillary Clinton Supporters Riot 08/19/16

Activists rioted and brutally attacked attendees at this Donald Trump presidential campaign fundraiser event last night in Minneapolis MO. Attendees were brutally kicked and punched by out of control leftist activists shouting racial hate slurs and burning our American flag. Folks – this is a good example of what our country will be like under a Hillary Clinton / Tim Kaine presidency. There is absolutely…

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