Оскільки eBay Marketplace Rots Execs скидає StubHub, збирають необхідні гроші

As eBay Marketplace Rots execs this week dumped StubHub generating much needed cash. It’s absolutely mind blowing that corporate execs totally wrecked this once top brand name. Used merchandise was once eBay’s niche market that nobody could compete with. Execs threw it all away chasing Amazon’s tail. As long as I’ve been watching eBay’s marketplace rot away, it’s doubtful it can ever be revived. 😥

Ринок ebay гниє
As the once top household brand name eBay niche used goods marketplace continues rotting execs dump StubHub generating cash

eBay said Monday it has reached a deal to sell event-ticketing business StubHub to ticket reseller Viagogo for $4.05 billion. The Geneva-based Viagogo said the all-cash deal is expected to close by the end of the first quarter of 2020.

Scott Schenkel, eBay marketplace rots interim chief executive, said the decision to sell StubHub came after months of reviewing the companies main businesses and strategic direction. We concluded that this was the best path forward for the marketplace.

A few examples of corporate incompetence are here:

  • Без кінця eBay Glitches are killing the once eCommerce giant market share as fed up sellers throw in the towel. It’s always something mucked up with listing or attempting to make a sale.
  • We’ve seen it before, eBay seller lists an дорогий предмет, buyer claims it’s broken and PayPal issues a refund, seller receives some worthless junk item. This is corporate greed profiting from bad buyers.
  • Whatever happened to the good old days when eBay was a trusted household brand name? Trust and community values were eBay Inc cornerstone. Today the once wunderkind of cyberspace plods ahead desperately trying to find it’s way.
  • Під час перегляду a webpage on my smartphone then clicking a link to view a sellers eBay store i was redirected to the home page. I’m wondering why this happened? The same link clicked on a desktop pc went to the store like it should.
  • For 6 years this eBay top rated seller Hubcap Joe is suspected of running a racketeering cyber-terror ring. Yesterday in his weekly eBay talk video he linked community development director Brian Burke to his alleged illegal operation.

These examples of eBay incompetence are blog posts published in 2019. This website started in 2004 to warn consumers of used car fraud on eBay Motors where trusting community members were losing big money. Execs ignored the phishing scams and continued bankrolling the profits. Bad word of mouth spread and the company started to rot.

eBay Motors alone was once the highest income generator for eBay Inc. But corporate execs let scammers and bad car dealers screw it’s good name into the ground. Today as the eBay marketplace rots execs dump StubHub generating cash to keep this sinking ship afloat.

It saddens me to write this article thinking how eBay could have been the king of eCommerce by now. Oh well such is life in Corporate America! Take a look around while you’re here.

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