Tribute To Jareewan Lynch 1956-2019

This page is a tribute to the love of my life Wan Lynch who suffered a stroke and passed away just before Christmas 2019. It’s tough starting over looking for love at this age, I’m 68. So I’m not really sure where life will lead me. God, please guide me as I write this possibly last chapter in my life’s story. 🙏

wan cozumel 2019

As it’s often said – when your time is up – it’s up – and you leave this earth. My sweetheart Wan suffered a stroke Sunday and was rushed to the ER. A brain embolism put her in a coma. She was brain-dead and taken off the ventilator. Thought we would grow older and be together forever.

Her loss came while she was at Nexus Thai Church in Bradenton FL. Paramedics got there quickly but the damage was already done. A brain bleeds from an Asian disease called MoyaMoya which is clotting of the main arteries in the brain. New paths grew to deliver the blood where it was needed.

From what the neurosurgeon told me, one of those vessels burst and flooded her brain with blood. They tried inserting a tube to drain the blood but it soon clotted. The large volume of blood squeezed her brain causing it to die at only 63 years young. She was kind and considerate toward everyone. 😥

I met Jareewan, Wan, for short on match-com after my wife passed away. At that time my life was a mess. I drank Captain Morgsns and could put down a fifth every night. I also smoked three packs of Marlboro menthol cigarettes daily. On top of that, my mouth was filthy with often used colorful metaphors, and I used our Lord’s name in vain. I will forever believe she was the Angel God sent to save me. And that’s just what she did. After about a month into our loving relationship, she said, If you don’t stop drinking and smoking you will not live much longer.

I did not respond but was thinking about my Dad who died of emphysema when I was a teenager and remembered Mom driving him to Shands teaching hospital in Gainsville FL where they put a tube thingy in his thought to breathe. He literally suffocated to death. We went to bed but I could not fall asleep. I kept thinking about Wan who cared for her late husband who died of cancer. I made up my mind that night my bad ways had to go. I wouldn’t want to be a burden to her. It was February 2009. When we woke up in the morning I said, I’m done. Wan replied what with me? NO not you, with the booze and smokes. And since that day I’ve never gone back. I listened and gave deep thought to what she said knowing in my heart she was correct. God gave me the wisdom to learn right from wrong from others. 🙂

She is a Christian from Thailand and U.S. Citizen. Republican AND a Trump Supporter!

Wan me in Cozumel MX 2019

She has traveled the world. This photo was taken in Norway in 2012. I’m feeling numb inside but trying to stay focused. She is the best most loving caring woman I ever met.

Wan Norway 2012

Wan’s trip to Italy in 2011

Wan Italy 2012

Wan in Las Vegas in 2014 after attending bible study camp with Dr. Arnut Pathong

Wan Las Vegas with Dr. Arnut Pathong

Our trip to Thailand at Grand Pointveiw Hotel Bangkok. Dec-2013

Wan me Thailand 2013

Our first date was in 2008 in Clearwater Beach FL after meeting on She is the 2nd love I have lost. My mind is drifting with thoughts of my wife who passed in early 2008.

Wan at Clearwater Beach our 1st date 2008

Wan with her mom and 3 brothers taken in Bangkok Thailand 2005

Wan mom and three brothers Thailand 2005

Undated photo of Wan ‘the business lady’ with her dog, mom, and unknown family friend

Wan mom family friend Thailand

Wan when she was young in Thailand with her dog and motorcycle. She was so beautiful and will be forever beautiful in my eyes. So sad you’re gone. I will always love you!

Wan young dog motorcycle Thailand

Wan with her oldest brother at the alligator farm in Bangkok TH 2013

Wan oldest brother Alligator Farm Thailand 2013

Wan at the captain’s dinner during last month’s cruise to Cozumel

Wan captains dinner Cozumel 2019

Not sure when this professional photo was taken but it captures her beauty so well!

Our last vacation together on 11/2019 😥 cruise to Cozumel Mexico.

It was Wan’s goal to live in America and become a U.S. Citizen which she achieved in 2008. She loved America but was disappointed with politics and political parties fighting. 🙁

wan lynch memorial
Facebook post from me 02/11/20. Wan’s user profile is memorialized here.

Update 06/24/21: Ever since Wan was a child she dreamed of living in America and becoming a US citizen. In 2008 she achieved that goal by learning English and becoming a US citizen. She loved America! I’m thankful the Lord called her home when he did so she didn’t have to bear the Heartache of seeing her beloved America torn apart by those who are destroying our constitution! 😡

Photo taken in 2018 at our community's annual Independence Day celebration. Love that dress!
This photo was taken in 2018 at our community’s annual Independence Day celebration. Love that dress!

God has called her home and has other plans for both of us. I’m really torn up over her going to be with the lord, but she’s in peace now. This blog is also about my life, so that’s why this post is here. If you can’t say something nice, don’t bother commenting. Forever rest in peace, my love!

4 Thoughts to “Tribute To Jareewan Lynch 1956-2019”

  1. Debra

    A beautiful sentiment you’ve shared,you both were blessed with one another.
    I am happy you found someone to love again.

    Glad your feeling better

    1. Doc's Websites

      Thanks Debra, feel free to share with her friends who live/lived in our community! 🙏

  2. Debra

    A beautiful sentiment you’ve shared,you both were blessed with one another.
    I am happy you found someone to love again.

    Glad your feeling better

    1. Doc's Websites

      Thanks Debra, feel free to share with her friends who live/lived in our community! 🙏

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