Peoples Convoy Updates & Video Playlist Of Events, Links, Photos, Etc

Here is a playlist of the Peoples Convoy Updates 2022. This group of American truckers is representing all Americans who love their homeland and love it like it was before the current administration took over. Over the years I’ve seen my country go to hell. Donald Trump brought America I love back from the brink of destruction. He truly Made America Great Again as our country climbed out of the rut it was in and was respected worldwide. Our country is in big trouble! 😥

Playlist of all Peoples Convoy 2022 videos and live streams.

Stan put his videos on private fearful Google would remove his account. That removed them from the above playlist. Further info is in this updated blog post. His YouTube Sasnak channel is here .

It’s a crying shame the mainstream media is not covering this newsworthy event. It’s NEWS but not the kind of news the DNC and high gas prices Joe Biden wants to be televised. They are ripping our country to shreds. Stand up for your rights and the rights of others that are not able to do so! 😡

Freedom Convoy Updates

Facebook shut down this popular Convoy to DC page/group with 137,000 subscribers earlier this month. The group’s Facebook members did nothing illegal and were exercising their constitutional right to peacefully protest vaccine mandates. The convoy to DC was modeled after the massive Canadian convoy protesting Justin Trudeau’s vaccine and other unfair mandates!

Peoples Convoy Updates GM/UAW

Peoples Convoy Updates have been mostly abandoned by mainstream, media that’s pounding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine into their viewer’s brains. Last night on Fox News show Dan Bongino Unfiltered , Dan really turned me off by not mentioning a peep about this history-making America first event.

Peoples Convoy Updates

The Republican Party is the party of the American worker, the American family, the American dream, and the late, great Abraham Lincoln! More Information is on the Peoples Convoy Updates Website!