Southwest Florida Eagles Cam Live Stream HD Video

Welcome to paradise in Sunny Southwest Florida, home to American Bald Eagles Ozzie and Harriet, who had been coming to this nest since 2006. After Ozzie’s passing in the early fall of 2015, Harriet & M15 bonded in the late fall of 2015. This is their sixth season as a mated pair at this location, high in a tall slash pine tree. This nest is labeled LE026-B of the Florida State Monitoring Program.

Video live stream credit, Dick Pritchett Real Estate INC/YouTube. All rights reserved.

Dick Pritchett reports: Camera #1 is positioned six feet above the bald eagle nesting tree and is equipped with night vision or infrared light, which emits no actual light. Nor does it make any noise. The bald eagles do not see or hear anything coming from the camera.

Camera #2 is located approximately 60 feet from the nest and has the ability to capture images of the nest action outside the view of Camera #1. Both cameras are environmentally friendly, non-intrusive, and positioned to offer the best view of the nest and birds while preserving the pristine beauty of the nest and its surroundings.

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam screenshot from cam-1 11/20/21
Southwest Florida Eagle Cam screenshot from cam-1 11/20/21. Image credit, Dick Pritchett Realty Inc.

Cam #3 is installed closer to the north of the pond, to capture activity happening around the pasture and in the pond area. The other two live cams are accessible from the above link.

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