Send Nasty Nancy Pelosi AND Fox News Chris Wallace To Wuhan China

Fox News AMERICA / TRUMP Hater Chris Wallace spent over 13 minutes interviewing Nasty Nancy Pelosi yesterday. Pelosi danced around the interview including her media stunt in Chinatown last month. It’s a known fact both Wallace and Pelosi HATE AMERICA. Kick her out of the house!

Nasty Nancy sits in her mansion enjoying designer Ice Cream as American small business owners starve as ptp loans run out of money. She could care less about Small Business Owners! Lets send her to live in Wuhan China, see how she enjoys the communist dictatorship!

It’s a bold faced lie. Nasty Nancy Pelosi is not committed to funding the ptp. She and pal Chuck Schumer are wanting to add More PORK to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s request to congressional leaders to swiftly commit an additional $250 billion to replenish the new $349 billion small-business coronavirus program that is being overwhelmed by surging demand!

I'm an old Florida Cracker born in St Pete during the early 50s. My computer is my tech school. I'm hanging out in cyberspace keeping up with it all. I'm also a Trump supporter who is saddened of what my country has became. Only MAGA can clean up the Biden stench that has made our homeland the laughingstock of the world 😡

Love America? 🇺🇸 Defend Her! 📣