Andrew Gillum Bullying TV Networks Running This GOP Ad

There’s an old saying “nothing hurts worse than the truth.” That must be why Democrat Socialist Andrew Gillum is Bullying TV Stations Running This GOP Ad. 😆

From Politco : Andrew Gillum’s gubernatorial campaign issued a cease and desist letter to TV stations warning them not to spread “maliciously false and defamatory statements” by broadcasting a Republican Party of Florida ad that accuses him of corruption.

The ad revolves around an FBI probe into City Hall in Tallahassee , where the Democrat is mayor and where a former friend of Gillum’s lobbies the city and was subpoenaed by federal investigators.

Gillum has long maintained that he broke no laws and said he spoke freely last summer to agents without a lawyer because he is not guilty of any corruption.

Andrew Gillum Boat Ride NYC
Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum taking a boat tour of NYC with two undercover FBI agents investigating him for corruption.

Andrew Gillum is running for governor – and also from the FBI. Gillum took possible illegal trips with lobbyists to New York and Costa Rica. Gillum approved millions in grants for those same lobbyists. Now Gillum refuses to disclose who’s paid him. (George Soros) 😆

Andrew Gillum using George Soros to buy Florida Governors seat
Florida Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum using George Soros billions to buy our states governor seat. Don’t let it happen.

The Republican Party would not comment on the ad, which is likely to get far more free-media attention owing to the letter from Burhans . The controversy tests the intersection between free speech and campaign rhetoric.

Burhans argues that Gillum has not run from the FBI and notes the mayor has said agents told him he’s not a target. The FBI will neither confirm nor deny whether that is true.

Andrew Gillum bulling tv ststions running tv ad
Andrew Gillum is upset the GOP is running this TV ad about his suspected FBI corruption escapades sends stations cease-and-desist order

Under Mayor Andrew Gillum, Tallahassee has had the highest crime rate in Florida. If Andrew Gillum couldn’t keep Tallahassee safe, he definitely can’t keep our state safe.

Vote for Florida mayor candidate President Trump endorsed Ron DeSantis ! 😉

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