President Trump WINS Again Threatening Mexico With Tariffs

Donald J. Trump’s art of the deal had Mexico scrambling to avoid U.S. Tariffs. While the haters at CNN, MSNBC (add others here) are crying in their beer. America WINS Again!

America wins again with president trump
Cute cartoon by Ben Garrison depicting president Trump whacking off 5% Mexican chili pepper

From President Donald Trump has hailed a deal reached with Mexico to help stem the flow of migrants to the US after he threatened to impose trade tariffs. Under the deal, in which Mexico agreed to take “unprecedented steps”, the duties that were due to come into effect on Monday have been suspended. “Mexico will try very hard, and if they do that, this will be a very successful agreement,” said Mr Trump.

But ABC News (always broadcasting crap) tried putting it’s usual negative spin on the good news: As part of that deal, it appears the U.S. did not get Mexico to agree to a “safe third country” agreement where asylum seekers would be granted asylum in Mexico and unable to claim asylum in the U.S. Instead, the administration says it will expand its policy of deporting asylum seekers to Mexico to await adjudication of their cases. Mexico will accept those people and offer them services like health care and education.

And as predicted the Outhouse of fake news CNN had this to say.

Haters like ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC (add your favorite hate media here) just can’t stand it. America IS WINNING with President Donald J. Trump. Soon the failed Muller Report findings, and other redacted documents will be made public. The hate media will be totally blown away with the truth how President Obama and Crooked Hillary tried to prevent Trump from winning!

It’s OUR President’s Specialty – The Art Of The Deal! 😉

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