America Is At War With Do Nothing Democrats And Their Allies

America is at WAR again! Pearl Harbor was Attacked 78 years ago killing thousands, stating World War 2. Today there is another deadly threat to our homeland by Do Nothing Democrats and their Hate Media Partners. Unlike WW2 this new war is being fought on Social Media and Television Radio Etc. Like WW2 we must defend our homeland by voting out the rats! 😉

do nothing democrats America at war
Like back in WW2 America is now at war with do nothing democrats threading our country with socialism and lawless society

Last night while watching the movie Pearl Harbor (2001) it dawned on me that this is eerily similar to the do nothing democrat war we’re battling today. Our homeland that we love is being threatened. Those of us who love our beautifully written constitution and bill of rights must defend it. Like in WW2 America will win the do nothing democrats war!

Do nothing Democrats are lying and their hate media partners are amplifying the lies, drowning out the truth. The fact is none of the liberal lunatics insane policies will work. Socialism has destroyed Venezuela. I’m sure many of us have seen Venezuelan citizens foraging through garbage trucks looking for something to eat.

Trust me.. Nothing IS FREE – Someone Is Paying for that FREE Lunch! 😉

do nothing democrats socialism kills
Another great political cartoon by Ben Garrison depicting what socialism will do to America

One major problem we have is with do nothing democrats being above the law. They will not police themselves. and they will not punish one of their own for crimes they have committed. James Comey shouldn’t have been given a free pass, and should be locked up. Bottom line here is, the swamp is protecting it’s own – so we must vote them all out!

This morning Fox News Chris Wallace was talking crap about Rudy Giuliani and president Trump. Wallace being the swamp rat he is was running cover for Joe and Hunter Biden. Despite Wallace’s spin, It’s president Trump’s JOB to investigate corruption in America, and ANY Foreign Government’s America does business with.

Joe Biden broke the law. He used his vice presidential powers to influence Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko. Biden pressured Poroshenko into firing Viktor Shokin a prosecutor who was investigating his son Hunter. Joe Biden threatens to withhold a BILLION DOLLARS in U.S. Aid unless the prosecutor was fired. Biden later bragged about what he did on live TV that most of us have already seen.

This is Corruption and abuse of power! But our do nothing Democrats using a page out of Adolph Hitler’s playbook. Blame our enemies for what we are doing! These sewer rats on the left are instead blaming the corruption and abuse of power on president Trump. That’s why they all MUST GO! Including RINO’s like Mitt Romney. Take notes of those Republican RINO’s that believe and support president Trump’s Impeachment. Vote Them OUT Too!

I could go on and on but most of us already know who the sewer rats are. This is all out war on our Freedom and classic American Values we cherish. I was born in St. Petersburg Florida in 1952. Since then I’ve seen my country go to hell. But it’s back with the hard work President Trump has done. Medicare for all and Socialism the do nothing democrats are promising will Destroy America! Friends we have to give Donald Trump 4 more years. And vote all the sewer rats and Republicans In Name Only (RINO’s) out in 2020!

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